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  1. I've not been on PVP1 for long but if last night was anything to go by there is no shortage of UK players, but a definite lack of organisation. There are too many casual players working alone or in pairs - including myself. I feel like I need to be able to put a lot of time into the game to be a member of the big UK clans, or one worth being a member of anyway, and this puts a few players off. I think what we need are more incentives for new players to work together, perhaps by giving players the option to invite random people to their admiralty missions, or creating a dedicated 'training' fleets for new players.
  2. It depends. I first started out on PVE 1 to learn the game without worrying about getting ganked by pirates. Got lots of money and some XP, and then decided to try PVP. At the same time PVP3 had just been released to deal with PVP1 being overloaded, so I tried that. Back in the cutter, I did missions and captured traders to get enough money to get back to the level I was at before (a snow with about 100-200k in the bank). About a week later the system for kicking idle players was introduced to deal with severs being overloaded, and as there were only about 100-200 players on PVP3,I made the move to PVP1. So I was back in the basic cutter again. Fortunately I had a Niagara to redeem which I'm now using, but nothing else. At this point the grind is very off putting and I wish there was a better variety of ways to make money for players who don't have the time to invest in the game required for most clans. Trading doesnt seem to work well for me, I have never, ever, found a selling price that was more than the price I bought it for. Maybe I've just been doing it wrong. Anyway I understand this is just the way I ended up playing the game and people who started on PVP1 probably have had to do waaaay less grinding than myself.
  3. 1. No incentive for trading - as it stands there is little reason to put the time and effort into trading due to the resource system. In my experience all prices sell for a lower price than you buy them for unless you spend serious time working out an efficient route. This can be fixed perhaps with trader missions (e.g transport X number of X from A to . 2. The durability system feels harsh - there should be an option to restore durability for gold, with the cost increasing as durability decreases. That way you still have a serious financial incentive to keep your craft alive but you don't have to grind for hours/days/weeks for another 3rd rate if you end up losing it. 3. Its nearly impossible on early craft to demast a ship, no matter how many times you hit, and the AI REALLY sucks at doing it. They might be of use if they went for the sails but they just appear to shoot chain into the ships hull. 4. Getting rammed repeatedly by my AI cutter while chasing down a merchantman because the AI script needs work or the crew are all drunk again. 5. No telescope in Open World. 6. Pirates are allowed to join in admiralty orders being carried out by players - kind of defeats the point of having AI missions.
  4. Well, historically it was certainly possible to use a ship of war effectively with an undermanned crew. Sickness and wounds always kept some men off duty, as well as a shortage of seamen. In these cases crew would serve one side of the ship at a time, and move between them. This saved having a whole side of the ship doing nothing while the other fought undermanned.
  5. Very interesting idea! Here's another though, once flags have been incorporated we should have the option to 'capture' enemy flags and use them for your own, could make for a lot of interesting scenarios - sailing through a fleet of French under a false flag collecting naval intelligence hoping nobody notices you would be seriously epic.
  6. Ahoy shipmates! I'm looking for a UK Clan or Guild to join on PVP 3, I've had the most lubberly luck finding any so I was wondering if anyone knew of a Squadron protecting the Kings West Indies from the insidious French and cockroach pirates? If no fleet shall bear my flag I shall propose raising a squadron of mine own to crush the enemies of King George and bring his errant subjects to the gibbet. - MIDN 51st Highland HMS Brownboaby
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