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  1. Very good post. I appreciated as it really help lay it all out for the upcoming map reset. The visuals were a nice touch.
  2. I understand some of the reasoning behind wanting to "pirate" ships. But truthfully for game balance, ships should not be able to be capped. Yes they used to be just one durability, but that was not enough because they were so plentiful. You lost that one, there was another just like it out there for free again.. Basically it made crafting ships next to pointless, as you only catered to those who wanted an Exceptional ship at 5 durability. If we want production buildings and crafting in general to be worth doing and putting in the effort to have a player driven economy, there cannot be a way of getting "free" ships.
  3. Hawk_345

    Gun Guide

    Awesome Job. I have been wondering about many things with regards to the differences between Cannon Damage and Penetration. You have done a great job here, and I am sure it will benefit many individuals.
  4. I agree. If it is feasible there should be one main server for all because this small amount of players sprinkled across these servers really takes a way the potential for a truly living world. I don't mean to be a downer here, but this game as much as I personally love it, and likely so does everyone who posts on these forums. But the game has a very limited market of individuals because the age of sail does not appeal to everyone, and the long sailing times between place to place would be a turn off to others as well. In short there is a niche market for this game. Why is this an important factor? Because the amount of people is quite limited (it will grow, but only gradually), so splitting this already limited base across all servers will affect everyone through times of inactivity. You need a large player base to keep PvP going, you need a large player base to keep the economy running and prices competitive. So the best course of action (if feasible with hardware and network) is to keep the maximum amount of players together on one server.
  5. PvP 1 Eu is also the place if your interested in out of game politics and Nation rivalry as well. (In short if your looking for PvP go, PvP 1). It makes sense since its the largest population.
  6. I was wondering if something like this would pop up
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