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  1. I guess what happens to your stuff in those ports will be one issue for some people, if it is lost then that would be annoying, I'd rather leave it there and force people to recapture them.
  2. So the rest of you would be under the Danish flag then I guess?
  3. Frankly Herminator should be the one facing a tribunal for this attempt at bullying other players within the same nation to do as he says - that is toxic. My clan 'disregarded' treaties at the start of EA and its ended up getting us some of the most fun fights and has contributed significantly to how the map looks now. I vote a significant NO to self appointed councils being able to dictate what others in their nation can do.
  4. Or just leave it as it is, works fine as far as I can see. If (player designed) councils agree a ceasefire etc that is up to them, if they can't police it between themselves (using existing game mechanics) then clearly they aren't strong enough to dictate terms. Any imposition by a 'majority' on the rest of nation is going to end badly. How many alt accounts do you think would get created, or people switching nation for one day, to 'fix' the result?
  5. I'll be honest my British Clan cheers every time we see DRUNK buying a flag and waving two fingers at those who have bent the knee. They are like the mouse biting the elephants leg and if not making it fall over then instead always have to look over its shoulder! Skillpoint loss has now gone as well (apart from one very specific circumstance)
  6. So where we just took so many french ports undefended we should perhaps say you are also griefing us because you didn't defend them? but anyway this isn't about timers, its about the great fights we had. We see tonight that the french defended their shallow water port, and the Spanish have bent the knee and allowed them a port - me hopes it is to allow the French to move up into the US territory.
  7. Haulover was excellent. Our late reinforcements won us the battle, you had it up till then
  8. San Andres last night was great. French were heavier, made the mistake of capping towers not destroying them and we managed a valient defence once we got there (Spanish screening fleet thought we would come from a different direction). There was no smacking in chat, just tipping of hats and pleasantries exchanged.
  9. Sigh. I know you've lost a lot of heavy ships, but do try and not be too salty. It has been an excellent fight. We were fighting for hours against you yesterday and it was excellent.
  10. I've not had to queue onto PVP1 in over a month. Highest pop I've seen recently was about 2k, so lots of headroom
  11. Having significant BR advantage is not a tactic by itself, and it is why you won.
  12. Sorry but how is there a lack of skill based content? you realise that sailing and aiming is all skill based, ie a more skilled player will generally win? By 'skill based' to you mean in-game abilities based (a la POTBS) - if so you're in the wrong game. I also don't know where you are sailing for 60-90 minutes without doing anything. I pop out of PR and I can be in conception in less than 90 minutes, or I can sail for 5 minutes towards Haiti and have all the PVP I want. Seems to me you just don't like the game, fair enough leave it to us that love it.
  13. this was only a matter of time as the largest nation (pirates) allied with the Danish so massively outnumbers the British Nation.
  14. Its only a grind if you let it be. You can have great pvp at every level, and once at post captain the options are wide and varied. For general PVP you have the trinc and reno, both excellent ships for PVP, or a BP if you fancy taking a beating.
  15. Bravo! I very much look forward to reducing you to five ports (or less hopefully) in the future.
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