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  1. Hi, I would like to introduce myself as the Clan Representative of BWITC, Along with MaliceA4Thought, we both represent the Military and economic sides of our clan, I cannot be on at 14:00GMT I am afraid since I am at work, but my fellow rep Malice might be on, If neither of us can come, hit up the BWITC team speak and find Zac Pierce. -Mantock
  2. true, it is flexible, it does not have any smoothness to the mouse and keyboard inputs though, it would be a fairly straightforward thing I think for the devs to make a smoother or dampener setting with a strength control. that would make cinematic shots fantastically easy to generate.
  3. Hi All, I am not sure if this topic has been breached yet but, I see massive potential for youtube film makers who want to create beautiful camera motion effects for their youtube videos, (I would love this) Basically, if we have the ability to save the replay of our battles after we have completed them, that would then give us the opportunity to go back and record video clips of our favorite moments, using a camera that had smooth tracking and panning capabilities to create almost quad copter like aerials as well as a function to allow the camera to lock position relative to the hull our rigging of a ship, so you could get nice stable shots from the crows nest so to speak. Here is an example of aerial shots of tallships. -Mantock
  4. I agree 100% Leeway was an incredibly serious thing in these times, Captains had bad dreams about Lee shores. The idea of bad weather knocking you off your course is also a good one because at the moment you just point your ship in one direction and five hours later you will be where you pointed. I completely agree that we also need a proper way to navigate with a sextant and a much higher def map with some navigation tools, a map that we can scribble on with a pencil so that we can work things out.
  5. Hi all, first post in these forums, but from reading all the Patrick O'Brian books (love them) I seem to think that navigation on the high seas in this time period was already quite advanced, all midshipmen/officers/lieutenants were trained up in mathematics and navigation, by the time they took charge of their first command, they would have been able to proficiently navigate using the stars and other planets by night, and the sun/sextant by day. To translate this into Naval Action, I see alot of people torn between wanting the navigation to be easier, and the die hards (myself included) wanting the historical 'sim-like' integrity of the game to be maintained, I think the devs have already been doing a fantastic job on keeping the sim like aspect and the realism there, In terms of extra navigational features, I feel its not a bad thing to ask for at least the tools of navigation that mariners had in these times, a sextant (with an open map sun/star system that works as it should) pencils, rulers, and a map that we can plot our distance over an allotted time period based on our speed. The in game map we have right now seems to be along the same lines as the basic UI, which will get updated, I hope they update the in-game map to have more detail, and an easy to use UI for navigation. I am sure this is probably the way things will work out, but putting in your GPS point on the map and knowing exactly where you are and where you are headed at all times defeats the grandness of the scale of the entire world they have done so much to create, i agree it would probably cheapen the vastness of the open world somewhat, anyway, thats just my two cents, I love the game and can't wait to see it develop and season over time! Sail safe, -Mantock
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