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  1. That's my point they run and don't take the fight because its not on their terms, yet cry when its reversed and people run from them when the fight is on their terms. Hence everyone wants to fight when they choose and not anyone else. One side will always have an advantage if you want pvp you will have to take some at a disadvantage or you will have to be a lot more patient. Its open world warfare not some pre arranged football brawl. People seem to expect fair winnable pvp battles on a silver plate and I cant see that happening and no point moaning about it
  2. The problem with this game is everyone wants and expects pvp on their terms, and dose not like it when its on someone else's. When I read on here a well known pvpr complaining about people running from him yet the same guy used a 15 knot endy to run from every single fight he thought he couldn't win it makes me laugh. Players don't exist to satisfy the needs of others like cattle in a slaughter house, why should it always be on your terms and not theirs this is what I don't get. People are more than happy to gank others with numbers but often cry foul when its them on the receiving end. When people say they are seeking pvp , they are looking for a fight on their terms on their preferred odds with their preferred outcome of the battle. Anything else isn't pvp because its not what they personally wanted.
  3. I have sailed for most nations in the game and my findings are. British. Big nation lots of people , lots of egos too many clans with just a few people online. Some nice people but some real dicks quite toxic towards new players.at times. France, Big nation, nice people Zulu one and his clan ZF some of nicest people you can meet, language to much of a problem if your a Euro player though and don’t speak it. Spain. Same as France really you meet some real nice people but ultimately language will hinder you if you don’t speak it. Dutch. My time there was boring if I’m honest, simply not enough going on, lots of players new player friendly though. USA. Simply no one around in my time zone didn’t hang around long here. Prussia, pretty toxic, very elite and up,it’s own ass. think they are special but avoid harder fights and prefer Mortimer town area hunting. Pirates, Very chilled very mixed lots of individuals and small clans, good sense of fellowship though and much help given to new players who get attacked or need assistance. Danes, very nice guys though lacking in numbers to get anything meaningful done Thats my findings for what it’s worth. Had very short spell in Poland and RUSSIA not long enough to give an opinion on. Never tried SWEEDEN perhaps one day, just not keen on that flag
  4. Its extremely hard to kill because of its sailing profile that's the problem. perhaps OP is the wrong word, the fact is in the hands of a good sailor there is not much to counter it.
  5. I had another read through the topic and I can see both sides of the argument. The problem is the Requin in the hands of a very skilled player is the problem, not some new guy just trying to get a leg up the money and xp ladder. where do you draw the line? New players need a DLC ship that they can fall back on and make money with if they loose their crafted mission runner. However these ships can be a problem in the hands of a skilled player. So what if the ship is redeemable every day for new players every 2 days for the next rank every 3 days for next rank and ends in once a week for top level players? I know it might be exploited by alts but we shouldn't keep nerfing stuff because its OP in the hands of experts without thinking about new blood and people coming to the game.
  6. I would say try Pirates. Pirates is pretty friendly compared to a lot of other nations and its good for a new player with lots of people willing to help. I wouldn't try the smaller nations until your much more experienced. With the Pirate nation your pretty much guaranteed action going on right on your doorstep, its like the British nation but without all the politics, if your attacked in home waters there are always people who will come and help. If not then another big nation Brits Swedes or Dutch might be good for a new player. With the new DLC packs its dead easy to move around and reclaim a ship so don't be afraid to try them all.
  7. I think the problem could be eased buy not just awarding pvp marks for sinking ships, but also for driving off opponents. If your in a trader or aanother ship that has no chance of catching your attacker if he runs, why the hell should you not get pvp marks for fighting him off. I don’t like pvp marks in general but it seems to me in many pvp encounters one ship has the ability to run if it wants to and one doesn’t, it’s the person in the slower ship who has no chance of a positive outcome other than fending off the attack. Perahps,award marks for damage and crew kills rather than pure sinking.
  8. I understand the frustration, I think we have all been in annoying battles or the victim of some cheesy but legal tactics,but if they had the BR to tag you then they did nothing wrong. It was also bad luck you got split up form your friends A first rate is a sitting duck on its own. Do you think we should change the whole game rules for this? I would say it was an unfortunate chain of events but i do not think we should change any rules over it.
  9. A lot more could be done with the AI, there could at least be notable NPCs sailing around that are aggressive to players, famous Pirates or Famous pirate hunters these NPCs could be rare spawns and remain on the open seas until killed by players they could drop decent loot and only spawn outside the capital areas.
  10. One of the most attractive things for me is the size of the map. I would love to see exploration and random encounters play a much bigger part though. There should be a bit more sense of adventure about sailing into far flung places, Perhaps native settlements, ancient ruins to explore I dunno but the map is a good size just needs padding out with some content in my opinion.
  11. The weight issue will just restrict the number of battles people can fight before docking, Im not sure that will be helpful. Whats soul destroying is people repairing ships mid battle while sailing off into the sun set at full speed. Maxim repair should occur when the ship is stationary, if the ship is sailing at full speed and fixing sails at the same time then if anything a big chance of causing more damage should arise. Slower the ship the more repair, want to repair at full speed then you gain very little for the repairs. Leave the weight as it is thats my 10 cents
  12. I would love to see the All Battle chat and Global chat removed. 99% of stuff in it is complete garbage anyway. I am in favor of a team battle chat however.
  13. My biggest gripe with repair is the fact it can be done at full speed. Fixing sails while sailing at full speed is simply incredible . Are all the crew supposed to be up in the rigging with a needle and thread? Sails should have to be dropped to fix them. Hull repairs are also way to much while the ship is still maintaining full speed and fighting battles Repairing a ship in the middle of a battle should have more negative effects. A broadside fired at a repairing ship should kill at least twice or 3 times the crew of a normal broad side making repairing risky. I agree with the poster above the current system is like some magic heal potion
  14. Why a timer at all? Battles should not be open to anyone who is not logged in when it started. Just to make it clear I am talking about a log in timer. battle timer is fine with me. I just dont think anyone logging into the game should be allowed to a join a battle already in progress
  15. Sounds like bad luck you spawned right alongside another ship, this could of been good luck if you had the bigger ship
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