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  1. If this is for PvP 1 you should state so since the Diplo relations are VERY different between server 1 and 2. [O4V] is a Pirate PvP2 clan but like I said you should divide PvP 1 Relations as well as PvP 2 other then that this is really cool and you should keep it going.
  2. Just message one of us or call out for us in Rat Chat. Someone is always on for the most part.
  3. Pirates largest clan on PvP2 [O4V] Out For Vengeance sitting around 70 members right now and have been the fore front of action and MASSIVE battles mainly against the British.
  4. No Fuzzy we can't cap PR is is your nation main capital. Thomas good fight from [O4V] we will now be looking to your Chronicles. -Salute-
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