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  1. Kloothommel

    Oak and Iron kickstarter

    This looks interesting...
  2. Kloothommel

    I think there should be an option to disable 3D picture in ports

    The 2D in port also is an opportunity to rest your eyes a bit. Staring at 3d renders all the time can tire your eyes fast.
  3. I am glad I have a stockpile of 1st rates in port...
  4. I think I will wait a couple of days till some bandages are applied to this patch...
  5. Still not a fan of the "passenger fee". It could be be quite crippling for nations that have outposts all over the map. The rest looks really good though!
  6. Kloothommel

    Hotfix for live servers

    My thoughts exactly. have fun with what we have, "winning" comes second place.
  7. Kloothommel

    Naval Action Meme collection

    1 of each. No crew recovery. Repair or shoot guns. Timing and skills.
  8. Kloothommel

    Looking for respectable outfit

    Just trying to be polite
  9. Kloothommel

    Looking for respectable outfit

    For US timezone there is France WO (kingofcrowns), pirates (christendom), I think ORCA in denmark-norway is US timezone based. Probably some brits as well.
  10. Kloothommel

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Every time a nation that isn't Sweden or GB is trying to have some fun...
  11. Kloothommel

    Never give up French!

    When NA carebears see a nation trying to have some fun that is not GB/SE... (By the way: Mods isn't this thread supposed to be in national news? @Hethwill the Red Duke?)
  12. Kloothommel

    Gank after PB or not?

    I feel the conquering nation should be able to dock up as soon as the port is contested. Make outpost yes, but not place contracts/build buildings.
  13. Kloothommel

    Flags Flags Flags

    Great stuff! Does this mean flags in OW as well?
  14. Kloothommel

    War of the lovers revisited

    I tried as well. But I was deemed too "passionate"...
  15. Kloothommel

    DC issues

    My ship would randomly freeze in OW, while my ping went from 11 to extremely high numbers. Then it would either slingshot my ship or throw me into the server select screen. Same for instanced pve/pvp battles. My ship would slingshot after a freeze, or all ships would be inside my ship, or again the login screen. It renendered the game unplayable but for light PVE and trading/crafting.
  16. Kloothommel

    DC issues

    I switched ISP and I now no longer disconnect. It seems the game is very vulnerable to packet loss, so a cheap ISP is bad for the experience I guess.
  17. Kloothommel

    Naval Action Meme collection

    When you come back to playing with a new isp and no longer disconnect and look for people to play with:
  18. Kloothommel

    It's time for Justice

    Just wait till rediii moves on to another nation just to screw with the balance of power.
  19. Kloothommel

    It's time for Justice

    Just imagine the amount of PVE the Brits will have to do to pay for all those ports...
  20. Kloothommel

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

  21. Kloothommel

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    I'm coming over soon 😘