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  1. Violation of Rule 15. Be respectful and constructive. - H. Darby
  2. This issue here is the genius that leaves port without guns not the player tagging him/her.
  3. Then make tag circles smaller so we start closer...
  4. This is the scenario I presented to @admin and he basically confirmed that that's how it'll work. Better make sure you tag when you are right next to someone
  5. You literally just explained WHY this change will reinforce this kiting meta that we have: If I tag someone they will just kite and leave even if I am faster. Right now if I am faster even by just 0.5knts I will catch and sink them but with your change they will escape. So thank you for reinforcing my point.
  6. Light ships is 7th and 6th. Frigate is 5th and 4th. Line is 3rd to 1st. They will change weekly.
  7. You are gonna need to change ship speeds for this. If I'm tagging a Christian which is going 14-15knts downwind (which is fuc'king absurd) and I'm gaining on it at 15.5knts but I can only hit its sails will I do enough damage to keep him in battle? Right now so much of the PvP meta is focused around kiting people because: 1. Nearly all ships can go over 14 knots 2. Its easy to catch Indiaman which give easy doubloons. 3. There is very little risk involved. If you change exit timers to be dependent on damage then it only reinforces this kiting/speed meta which makes for some of the most boring PvP I have ever been a part of. I regularly take an Agamemnon or something to the PZ and people just run away from me, why are they kiting in PZ, the aim is to deal damage there is literally a circle that stops them from running so they just sail around the edge of it.
  8. So people are going to be happy that their dubs that are worth 300-350 reals now are going to be worth 25 reals soon? I don't think so. Every MMO ever has shown that you can't have PvP without PvE. All of your solutions end with either making dubs extremely hard to get which fuc'ks over 1 part of the player base or making them extremely easy to get which fuc'ks over the other part. Of course you need to change stuff, but first you have to ask if it needs changing at all and how does that change benefit certain players? For those on the PvE server, no PvP change will benefit them.
  9. The problem with the patrol zone in my opinion is the massive groups. Pirates and Russians will always be there with groups of 10+ and just zerg you so you hardly get damage off. Pointless me crafting a ship to go PZ if I'm just gonna get tagged by a large group. Fix the issue with zerging and PZ will be a lot more fun.
  10. It would still have a negative consequence. If PvE is removed the only way to get dubs would then be to sink player ships. If you increase the reward by 10 that would mean a 3rd rate would be worth around 30k dubs when sunk which is a little overboard but it still doesn't help those that have limited time to play, those people rely on the PvE missions to get dubs to build their ships to eventually make it to a port battle. If you add PvP to the peace server you also have to change the economy on there. Last I checked they were either given CM's in a different way than the war server gets them or anything that costs CM's instead costs dubloons for them. If you add PvP to the peace server you upset the balance of the economy that they have on there leading to no positive outcome for them.
  11. Plenty of ships do cost doubloons. You would be happy with everyone running around in trincomolee? Because I wouldn't. It would also create a massive gap between those that have time to constantly be online to grind doubloons in PvP and those that don't. How would someone who can only play a couple hours a day ever get a first rate for port battles if their only way of making doubloons efficiently is PvP? Now imagine someone trying to get 100k+ doubloons for a level 3 shipyard, forge and Academy, how are they going to do that in a reasonable amount of time? Reals are massively inflated due to the reliance on doubloons, doubloons are the real currency, combat marks and reals are secondary. I am capped at how many combat marks I can make a day due to the patrol zone so buying all mods with CM's is unreasonable and they once again have the same issue that doubloons have, if you remove PvE they take too long to acquire. Those that are on the PvE server are there because they have no interest in PvP so adding PvP to their server or closing their server would provide no benefit for them.
  12. There has to be PvE on the war server otherwise there would be no economy. Getting doubloons would be extremely difficult without PvE on war server, you'd rely entirely on sinking other ships but even if you sink another ship you are not guaranteed its doubloons, someone else can take them. Where would mods come from if there was no PvE? You can't rely on the PvP hunt missions for mods, it take a lot longer to get one captain chest from those missions than it does spamming silver chests so you'd drastically increase the cost of mods across the board. There is no outcome that improves the life of a PvE player if you bring PvP to the peace server.
  13. I like this, allow clans to set the BR of their ports with a minimum and maximum BR allowed. The minimum and maximum would have to be tied to how many points the port has, for example a 55 point port should have a very high minimum BR like 15k or something whereas a 30 point port should be allowed a low minimum around 2-5k.
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