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  1. Был атакован французами возле Ла моны, Игрок: ThomasCook, будьте осторожны. Нападают на одиночек. Обычно заходят когда ганкаем тарговцев возле Ла Моны.
  2. Nobody realy like the new 1.5 System, it hit hard to fleet travel and fleet ganking. Only 2 or 3 people who sit her, protect it from any criticism.
  3. The last patch is add to the game many good and great stuff , but after playing a day with our party we can say one thing. The Br limit 1.5 is totally destroy groop sailing and pvp for medium and large ship. It just kill all point of the game, we can't sail with groop any more. Small ships atack our ship in way what only 2 or 3 or ships in circle and we CAN'T get to the battle to help (we has been sailing were were close one to another). Yesterday our groop was split out in 3 small battle. Today we have a problem to get party of 6 ships, no one one play... Thanks for kilning PVP. I
  4. Всем привет, ктонебуть знает есть ли в нети список кораблей который есть на данный момент в игре включая их описание ?
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