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  1. Wall Paper for May, Titled: "Sailors Take Warning" featuring the Essex, no text included this time. 1920x1080
  2. Uploading that tonight
  3. This is a collection of my wallpapers from in-game screenshots. My goal is to make a new one every month featuring a specific ship. If there is a specific size you would like for me to make, let me know and I will start adding in a specific aspect ratio. 1920x1080 1920x1080NoText MAY: "Sailors Take Warning" 1920x1080
  4. Check your information in regards to wood types there. Ironwood is not the hardest type of wood. That honor belongs to the quebracho, which takes 20000 N of force to break, compared to Brizilian Ironwood's 14,500 N of force. As to your suggestion, while there were some rare woods used in ships, such as lignum vitae, the price of these woods makes it uneconomical to produce ships using these rare woods in reality (if I am wrong about this, I would love to see some information about the ships made from these rare woods). So adding these woods for use in crafting, in my opinion, does not fit in
  5. Had some good fights with pirates last night.
  6. A more elegant solution may be to allow more than two sides per battle. That way, if you wish to participate in a battle but do not wish to join either side, you can go in and fight both sides.
  7. Well, it certainly isn't based on the ascii table.
  8. ISSB clans are still recruiting! Check out each of our member clans for more details!
  9. ISSB clans are recruiting! Feel free to contact any of our clans for details!
  10. We would like to welcome British Marauders, [bM] to our ranks!
  11. The port of San Juan del Norte fell to our combined forces last night as the conquest of the Panama area continues.
  12. Understand that many of our clans are carry overs from other games and already have an established player base. Most of us are looking to add to that player base within the Naval Action community, so keeping separate leadership while doing a round table coalition is advantageous for us and for our player base since they are able to keep ties to the separate clans while participating in larger cooperative operations under the umbrella of ISSB.
  13. Took two ports tonight along the coast of Panama. Combined force of over 20 vessels from four of our clans.
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