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  1. Considering the current circumstances of the new world, I have decided to accept a pardon and join with the United States. My motivation is simply that the nation has been pounded back and made a mockery of by my fellow pirates. I don't hold any ill will toward my old allies, however I simply recognize that it will be better of all of us this way. In addition, seeing as how I am on good terms with the Pirates, I hope to help broker a peace deal between the two nations. Seriously though, I'm not doing this to spy or anything like this. Pirates have become extremely powerful, and while I
  2. Biggest British failure since New Orleans. Truly top rate captains leading the fleet
  3. Again, I don't think you get it, I run smaller ships, however you need to understand it is a give and take, I take a smaller ship in enemy waters, it is still difficult to get a good mark when simultaneously running from other players who outclass me and catching a trader who, on sight of pirate sails, runs to the nearest friendly port. At the same time moving farther out to cut that down results in the risk of having to sail BACK in a trader, running high risk of another ship catching me easily. This of course still doesn't touch on allied ships rushing to help when a pirate catches a trade
  4. I don't know, it's irrelevant to me. You don't play pirate. As pirate I can either sit in my waters and take NPC prizes, or go to another nations. If I go into another nation's waters the other ships will either run if a trader, or fight if not. If fighting they always call for friends. If I initiate combat, they also call reinforcement NPCs. Assuming all goes well and I take a trader, and assuming the one item bug doesn't exist, I now have to sail a trader to a free port if I want the items. Right now, as the game is, traditional piracy is simply not worth the risk or effort. That is
  5. Wrong, completely wrong. The mechanics do not favor it at all. Picking off enemy player traders is difficult and dangerous, and the payoff isn't worth it. Doing the same thing to NPC traders gets boring fast
  6. The timer was set like that just to be a temporary annoyance. Pirates really didn't intend to defend it. You did take it much sooner then expected, we thought nobody would be that willing to wake up early for the PB
  7. I have no idea, a good number of us didn't find out until it started, and by that point didn't feel like sailing down. If that was the case, then the Brits should have been ready and could have easily defended it.
  8. From what I heard the real issue was the late arrival of the British fleet. Most of the towers were down by the time they arrived
  9. Pirates can fight each other on the OW. I assume that's what he meant
  10. Big target for a cutter, for any nation
  11. I don't see a problem. Basic cutter is not a strong ship, the only advantage is that it is free.
  12. Yes, a pirate sitting off the coast hunting ships it can take is totally not how pirates should be played.
  13. I'm not listed to only that area, I'm south of there as well. This be piracy, I'm out for plunder, not fair fights
  14. You can redefine things all you like. I've been patrolling the coast from mid Florida and Charleston, taking prizes, some are new people, some aren't, some are traders. That is Piracy, don't like it? Come kick me out.
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