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  1. Don't be so sure, i would have said the same thing about danish ships if i hadn't seen the poll. Personally i'll be voting for either Dutch or Swedish ships in the next ship selection, since i believe all nations need to have ships from their own nation available.
  2. So after a months turmoil VIE has seen alot of changes happen to our clan. We had disagreements on how to proceed, which eventually led to a change in leadership with some members deciding to try their fortunes in new places. However VIE is still going strong and with our new focus and determination, we hope to continue being one of the top clans in the Danish-Norwegian faction. Our new focus means we'll be slightly more casual than we've been in the past. So although PVP is still one of our focuses, we now hope to continue in a way that won't require our members to spend their playing tim
  3. VIE is looking for able sailors and brave captains to defend our waters and expand into new territories, in order to claim our god given rights as a major naval power. Should you be interested in signing up, please visit our website http://navalvie.freeforums.org/public-announcements-f9.html Or feel free to contact our recruitment Officers ingame. Daniboy3000 Bartas11 Teamspeak is required since we work hard to keep everything organized in both Port Battles and major engagements.
  4. I've always considered Denmark to be a greater power, so i thank you for confirming this.
  5. Dude, he mentions the exact same thing in the same post.
  6. Yes, i believe his plan was to shove it onto AGermanGuy's chest, or maybe into a nicely carved wooden box so AGG could take it home with him You've clearly never been awarded a medal for bravery, please do pay attention.
  7. From where i'm sitting, it's all a matter of strategy. We've been fighting on 2 fronts for a long time which means we've gotten used to it. We have several clans communicating in order to make sure we have the right amount of people defending each side. We have almost everyone on TS in order to keep it organized, we spend 2-3 hours every night in order to make sure we hold on to our territory, even though attacks only come 1-3 times a week which means we're bored out of our minds most of the time. Is it fun? Rarely. Is it necessary? Damn right it is. And that's not all, we spend several hour
  8. Well i can give you the facts, but the entire situation made about as much sense as an Ikea manual. Basically they decided to attack Macao which is our port the furthest away from their territory, and then attack with a few Belle Poules, renomees, cerberus and i think even a Niagara. 9 people in total. Tonight it happened again, but this time i think they brought as many as 14 people. If their plan is to keep us guessing, it's working. If they keep this up, maybe in 2 weeks they'll make it past Haiti.
  9. I don't see any mention of the 9 man frigate attack on Macao here? Some sort of explanation about that would be very interesting.
  10. Does anyone know if it's a maximum of 3 of these ships that'll be added? The race between Christian VII and Admiraal de Ruyter is so close, it'd be a shame not to add both.
  11. Gentlemen please. If you look below the picture you'll see the words "Inspired by...". Haven't Hollywood taught you anything ?
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