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  1. Nation: British Clan / Clan-Tag: Tenacity Defence Fleet (TDF) IGN : Zorodek Forum-name: Zorodek Language: English - we have some German members in Tenacity: we have several nationalities, ie- hungarian, french german, UK, Australian, Maltese and so on - all welcome www.tenacitygaming.com
  2. Tenacity Defence Fleet is now up and Running in Naval Action. TDF have decided to have their HQ at George Town for the immediate future, very central to the region. Secondary HQ - Outpost is Cayman Brac - Free Town. Tenacity website : www.tenacitygaming.com here you will find usefull tools / maps to aid in trading and more to come. Tenacity Teamspeak Password: Spoot7 For information on the TDF Naval Action side of the community please seek Zorodek, Moz, Barnes our community spans several games, and many members will not be able to help with Naval
  3. Tenacity Gaming is an established gaming community on several games including; League of Legends 5+ Teams, Minecraft, Space Engineers, Rocket League and more. Tenacity Defence Fleet Tenacity has only recently joined the ranks of Naval Action with only a few members so far taking up arms, this is soon to increase and on that premise we are advertising here to recruit more sailors to join our ranks for the up coming adventure that lies with the Tenacity Defence Fleet. We are open to all captains, all nations, all languages; we ask that you can speak some English. Age
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