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  1. Yeah, can't ping or login to the USA servers.
  2. Hey Spain, thanks for the fun battle. Maybe you'll win next time.
  3. Submitted an app, what nation are you guys in? Might want to add that info to the OP. EDIT: nvm, found it in Frost's post history: US Nation. I'm playing in the US Nation so no problem there.
  4. The ability to research ship designs instead of gambling with RNG over and over again losing huge amounts of money just trying to learn how to craft a ship.
  5. New blueprints that enable learning how to build specialty ships like Navy Brigs and Privateers. Could be named "Learn: Privateer", or "Apprenticeship: Privateer" or whatever synonym you want. Make it cost a bunch of labor hours and gold. They create ship notes that you use to learn how to build new ships. This is a change that crafting and the economy need.
  6. Despite the advantage in maneuverability, the Basic Cutter is more appealing due to being free and performing better than the Lynx (which is much more expensive) in combat. We already have a couple of ports in the stern of the schooner models for a couple cannons, let's give them a couple small cannons in the stern to make them more appealing. Would definitely help them to be better privateering ships.
  7. You could print out your own copy of the map and use actual tools with your own hands. I bet there are even stylized maps already available for that, or you could easily make your own. Could probably buy an old world sea chart of good size and use that. Don't forget about a stop watch, too.
  8. The problem is they wont understand that there is a wait period before they can use it again. They will use it when they aren't lost, get lost, and still have to wait, now frustrated that they wasted it. Some may even think that this game is not giving what it promised if you can just teleport like some kind of colonial nautical wizard (wish I had thought of that for my captain's name).
  9. Think of it as a journeymen learning from a master shipwright. You don't have to use such a strict definition of course, but it needs to be a small enough word to fit into the UI. "Lesson" if you want, but "Apprenticeship" is probably too long. The benefit of the Shipwright School approach is that it takes advantage of a system that is already developed within the game. Simulating gained experience would require user date to become even larger as it would have to track how many times a player has broken up/ built a ship. As for your idea, it is even more complicated and harder to imple
  10. Current system for gaining new ships is completely random in learning to build the specialty ships down the line, either by breaking them up or by building the base ship (i.e. break up a Privateer or build a Lynx or Trader Lynx for a chance to learn to build a Privateer). Having it purely luck based isn't very immersive: Trader Joe has built 100 Brigs but still can't build a Navy Brig, but Trader Jeff broke one up once and can build it just fine. Joe is frustrated (no gains from the huge amounts of resources) while Jeff is getting rich just from being lucky. So lets change it from a lo
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