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  1. Three hours of sailing to get all the resources for a Frigate. Two days of labor hours to build the materials and the ship. Three days if you want to craft a quality ship. Put a basic one on the market at 115k. After the 12k tax I could get about a 20k profit. Three hours of sailing and two days worth of labor hours for 20,000 gold. Unfortunately the Port AI later put Frigates on the market for 88k gold. Sold the Frigate to the port for 77k gold. Ended up with losing about 25,000 gold. I'm a level 34 crafter now and this has always been my experience with selling at a port. I only do private sales now, but only popular ships sell (Surprise and Trincomolee). Check out The Ballad of the Shipwright: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/9835-the-ballad-of-the-shipwright/?p=176136
  2. Yeah, can't ping or login to the USA servers.
  3. Do not make ships out of them, they are not getting their speed bonuses. Any word on a fix for this from the devs?
  4. Hey Spain, thanks for the fun battle. Maybe you'll win next time.
  5. I'm losing guns too, rate seems about right though. I think they might want to change the sound effect though, it sounds like a bowling ball striking a pin. Thought my crew was bowling instead of loading the cannons.
  6. A new system needs be added. I mentioned it before, check my post history.
  7. As more people start trading, they will start undercutting each other. I see a couple problems though that should be addressed immediately: Infinite storage in warehouses for free. Put a weight limit in that raises as you add more room. If it is overweight have it decay until it is underweight limit. (weight limit would be representing Volume limits) Buy and sell contracts should only be available where you have outposts: you need a place to store your goods. NPCs should not be storing your goods for free, storage is expensive.
  8. First I do missions to get me the gold. Then I go looking for the good trade deals of old. Alas, they aren't around, No fir to be found, So I buy logs for 100 gold. My prices are good and my prices are fair. But cannot compare to discount NPC ware. I build my ship strong and I build my ship sleek. I craft its frame of the finest of teak, The lines are all perfect, not one single leak. But it's still on the market long after a week. My prices are good and my prices are fair. But cannot compare to discount NPC ware. So down from the market comes the ship that I wrought. A tidy profit was all that I sought. For the crafting, and trade, and the battles I fought. Were tragically all done for naught. I crafted a fine ship, I did the best that I can, But in the end, I sold her at a loss, to that NPC man. -Kalthios
  9. Problem with this is that all you have to do is set five different buy contract.
  10. thewuif, great work, I love it. You should add a "Ship Crafting Path" link.
  11. Submitted an app, what nation are you guys in? Might want to add that info to the OP. EDIT: nvm, found it in Frost's post history: US Nation. I'm playing in the US Nation so no problem there.
  12. Very nice, thanks Pirate! If you want to expand on it you could add xp/crafting hour and xp/gold(basic fir build) including all the components.
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