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  1. same bunch of shit people on these forums is why many left and i see they are still here and if i want to uses hello kittying periods i would game hasnt made a lot of progress i see we can just leave again and with 200 people on prime time us i see many have already left and yes i am one of those people if i pay for a meal and it isnt cooked right i will send it back my money my time really no point in posting here again i see any game that crashing 10-15 times in less than an hr is unacceptable peroid especialy with one loss you lose everything on the ship stable servers are paramount to this game posted my concerns close this if you want and hope you get it fixed
  2. there was about 6 of us playing low lv missions last nite one battle we all crashed multiple time i mean like maybe 15 all total the games sends crash reports after we log back in what do those say cause if those dont help take them out, it just caused us more grief having to wait to get back in it happened the first nite of the patch also not as bad this isnt a good way to show returning players we fixed the game 5 or the 6 hadnt played in over a yr and this is what we come back too did it work on your test servers if it did then well it seemed the more ships in battle the worse the crashed we were running class 7 missions and there were about 20 ai ships plus us 6 if that helps
  3. this game is not in alpha it has been out almost 2yrs to the public and why do they need our help it sends crash reports every time we log back it that was another problem haveing to wait for the crash report to finish so we could get back in need to test these patches same shit as 1yr ago no testing and it was 2 days after the patch really still no excuse though you want players to come back and this happends still only 200 or so when we play so i wouldnt go far as to tell people dont paly if you cant handle the crashes this is why there is only 200 playing in us prime time please fix
  4. it took me forever to convince these guys to even come back and for me also been over a yr we playing day one jan 1015 then this happens i mean really 6 people crash at least 10 times maybe more 2 just quit didnt come back on if you want old people to come back you really need to make these patches first rate in the early months it seemed they didnt even test their patch was so many bugs doenst seem they learned there lesson they wont get many more chances to get people back hope this is fixed this week
  5. we had a group of 6 people doing missions we crashed at least 15 times between us all this is excusable didnt play this game for a year and come back to this shit just about to quit again dev havent fixed shit in a yr if were in 4 rates we all would have quit now
  6. hethwill do you just post to post or do ever not agree with the dev, there are people like you on every forum that kill ass the dev of the game and it does no good cause i know you play at nite cst cause i see chat in pirate so last nite at 9pm cst there was 200 people on that is not no mmo hell i have seem more single player games with coop have more people this game is no sim and will never will be cause i would love for a small ship to try to sail behind a large ship cause ever heard of dead wind look it up so, this game is so far from a simulator that it isnt funny so either continue with the arcade version and make it fun and just do away with the open world sadly i dont think anything the dev do from this point on will ever get the players back that left 95% of them are gone for good all i do anymore is long in and waste some crafting hrs cause i cant find anything else to play right now as i have said hell even world of tanks looks fun now and well shit that is 6yrs old well you fan bois got what you wanted all the players have left so it is only the few 200-500 that are playing have fun with game now
  7. mrdoomed there is no one playing not because the game is hard or easy it is because most gamers do not want to spend 70% of their time doing nothing but staring at the back of their ship period weither this game is hard or easy is not the reason people quit out of about 60 people that started in my clan no one is playing anymore because why should we waste 70% of our time doing nothing this game has jumped the shark and for the russian dev look up happy days to see what that means this game has failed because the dev dont listen to the players they had and wanted to do it their way well guess what they can test this shit themselves cause all the players have left except for the few hundred fan bois who are left playing 200-700 people cannot make a mmo the dev didnt listen and worked on things like a damage model that the players didnt think was broken but didnt fix other things the players will never come back the dev wanted a nitch game well they got it have now with no players hell this game got so bad we went back to world of tanks that my clan started in alpha 6 yrs ago instead of playing this game that says something not sure what it is but this game is complete failure sure i got my moneies worth just because i have to sail for 3/4 of my game time doing nothing
  8. well i dont know who the internal testers are but they fing suck period if they tested they last few patches and then signed off on them i would fire them so fast they would not what happened, i would have to say the are about as an incompetent bunch of testers i have ever seen in a game i still dont understand why the dev of games dont use players to test patches now cause player and i hate to say this know so much more about the game than the dev do, i mean by being played and what needs to be fixed the dev have and idea what they eant to do and know how to program it but most dev are very bad at playing games and i think that is the major prob with games today the dev of this game i feel only care about how they want to make the game and the numbers are showing people are quitting and most will now come back so continue on this patch of doing what you want and only the 100 fan bois will be playing and good luck with pvp then
  9. the dev have no idea how to make changes each change goes from one extreme to the other, now sails are broken and so is the damge, few patches ago damage was to much and demasting was to much its called change things a little bit at a time and maybe people would not get upset and leave the game but as usual they dont listen
  10. led then how do explain the success of dota which has no grinding at all sure different game but still if the game is fun people will play and right now game is not fun and people are not playing games have to be fun to play not a job if they are not then people dont play also tier 10 tanks in wot were a for a purpose not a need total different we dont have clan wars here and now few few ports needs sol top tier is meaningless in wot you had to have a t10 to play clan wars here you do not kronans that is for all servers combined not pvp1 and as i have said maybe there is 1000 playing during the day i am working but in the prime time for north and south america which i would guess would be 25% of the worlds pop there was between 400-250 playing when i logged on that is not enough to have a good game
  11. grapeshot hit the nail on the head if he pvper stop playing then what is the point and it seems with only 250 people playing sure can be more but when i play that is all there was, with no pvp no game more or less and with the pirate mechanics they way they are and the new damage model people have given up i really like this game but with only 250 on what is the point sure you maybe working on everything but there will be no one left except the 100 or so fan bois and even they will get bored please make this game fun again the last patch with the new damage model i think have really driven what few people who still played away you changes maybe good but if one is playing who cares
  12. as of last nite at 10pm cst there was 250 people online on pvp1 and on pvp 2 there was 168 where have all the people gone i am posting this to be constructive to give the dev and idea why there game is failing and what needs to be done to get more people playing cause at this point you might as well go back to sea trials i feel for one the game is so unbalanced game needs to be fun and the recent patches the last few weeks have make this game take to long battles are like pong matched watching balls just bonce around if you angle any ship you get no pens at all i have ove 700hrs in this game i feel this is the lowest point we have hit out of 50 clan members we have had 5 long in the last 2 days they have just quit, we have a very large ts and the players are stil there just playing other games most have said they are done with naval action unless the is great turn around in terms of having fun now before all the fan bois come in here and say oh this game is so fun well if it so much fun why is there lest than 500 people playing on 2 pvp servers i dont see how you can test game mechanics with this few of people playing good luck but this game is at the lowest point i feel since steam launch
  13. all damage models need reworked admin frigates are still to long of battle maybe snows are ok but anything above frig is just stupid now takes way to long and people wont play late nite there was 250 people on at 10pm cst that is the lowest i have ever seen it people have left and are not coming back out of 50 people in my clan 2 were on they have given up revert the damage back to what it was and fix the other parts of the game that are broke and stop fixing things that are not broke in the players eyes you game will not survive much longer unless you only want 100 people playing cause at the point that is where you are headed
  14. didnt see anything about the santi getting fixed right now it is worthless compared to the vic needs to be changed oh also last nite at 9pm cst 280 people were on pvp1 168 on pvp2 this game has fallen so far please fix the damage model you are losing players so fast not even i though of this patch really doesnt do anything to fix the broken parts of the game honestly i never noticed anything that was broken that you just fixed
  15. all this talk about what happened in life is fine and dandy but in this game ships needs to be balanced against each other period cause other wise why would you play the inferior ship horrror carro instead of med or longs on the weather deck from the santi do not reck vic go try my friend and then you say well just go buy the vic well that doesnt fix this shit and is the easy way out the dev need to fix the ships so i can choose which one i want to play not have the game decide for me
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