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  1. we want healthbar, but ok, if not, we need visible on that enemy ship he is destroyed, low armor, you know what i mean
  2. Yesterday game, we pirates with main low ship, it was only luck, or bug maybe, because i want only board and that stupid enemy AI turn ship on me and flip and sunk after few seconds
  3. you wrote like old sailor PS we are pirate, so maybe we will meet )
  4. Yesterday I play with friend and go fight. There were few other players, we normal shoot and other player want board enemy ship, so we were afk and watch, game end, i click esc and see, i have enemies cargo and enemy ship. after 20 min i go with friend fight, he boarding, i watch, game end, enemy ship and cargo have I, not he. Another fight, did nothing, again i have ship I have so much luck -------------- In Mortimer city yesterday were 3x shop bug, where resource cost 10 and immediately we could sell it for 30, 50, 150, ... this I report via F11. Strange
  5. Hi, are there any players from Slovakia / Czech republic? Su tu hraci zo Slovenska, alebo Ciech? Snad nie som jediny FB FAN - https://www.facebook.com/Naval-Action-SK-CZ-438768646315178/
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