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  1. Still I'd rather lose my ship when sunk at sea rather than sail out of a port again like nothing ever happened xD It kinda breaks the immersion and realism they design the game around
  2. Where's the fun in sailing a ship that can sail after being blown to bits?? XD I might just buy the game because of this!
  3. Oh really now! That's great news. But eh, just to be on same level here. We're talking about ships being boarded cleaned of sailors and refitted as your own, aye?
  4. Oi fellas, I've been wondering a little about the combat mechanics of the game Me and one of my mates really want to play this game, but we were thinking if pirates were able to capture their unlucky combatants vessels. And can you be a Pirate or are you restricted to being a Captain of a Nation with Letter of Marque.
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