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  1. You guys are just worse since you guys have members that gang up on people as well and even make up stuff as rumors so that their reputation would sink out which is why the USA faction in PVP 2 USA is too toxic that even the moderators can't even chat ban the ones trash talking and harassing each other in public chat, might as well not do any kind of ban hammer or report function since most of the players will just get tired of the nonsense going on in most servers and not only PVP 2 USA faction but the PVP EU 1 USA faction as well and PVP 1 GB.
  2. Before you consider taking anyone as a moderator, you need to consider the fact that El Capitano one of the guys in PVP 2 USA is a zerg herder that makes his clanmates verbally harass or abuse people whenever they don't do what he commands them to or declines their clan invite and harasses you with every chance he gets because he is too afraid to speak to you in private 1 on 1 chat and then will only trashtalk people he does not like in public chat, this is why I changed from PVP 2 USA to GB, and oh his clan management skills are very lacking and even considered tyrannical(USS clan).
  3. Check my chat logs and I have not said anything that's inappropriate or trash talk and I still got chat access was limited.
  4. Hi guys I can craft a frigate and Belle Poulle but I don't know which one is better suited for me. I like armor over speed so what's the tankier ship?
  5. I got the merc blueprint and the surprise blueprint but I heard that you can't get the trincomalee or essex blueprint as of now, is this true?
  6. Hi I have some questions regarding ships. 1. Will there be a unique ship exclusive for each nation in the future? 2.Can we craft each unique ship if there will be any? 3.If there's already a unique ship planned for America then what kind of ship would it be?(ex. Pirate Frigate).
  7. What's the fastest and the most agile(turn rate) ship among these assuming they all have the same wood type? 1.Snow 2.Mercury 3.Brig 4.Navy Brig 5.Pickle
  8. Hi guys I was wondering what makes each of them distinct from each other.I would also like to know which one is the best in terms of raiding ports?
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