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  1. Makes me glad I stepped away a few weeks ago, sounds brutal in there..
  2. Yes but what you mentioned is perfectly normal and allowed, the farming exploit refers more to people of the same faction or realm as well, point is that it should be reported if it is seen.
  3. No, its when two players go into a battle, shoot each other to get damage XP, and exit before either sink.
  4. Sir, I hate to say it, but you can't accurately know why people or clans have done what they have or why they may have moved, could be boredom, could be looking for more fights, don't act like you know everything and make ridiculous statements, you know what they say about assumptions.
  5. haha there was like 2 small clans around for your examples, not the nation.
  6. I hear where you're coming from Slamz, and I don't want to move unless I really have to as Lord Howe mentioned, but a server with 3 to 4 times the amount of people, there will be more to do, more trade, more large scale battles. I've played on pvp 1 before coming to pvp 2, heck I didn't even want to leave pvp1 but I made the choice to go where my group wanted to go. Hopefully whatever decision is made will make any transition smooth.
  7. I wouldn't mind a little queue if I knew the server was packed and had a lot more to offer and more people to fight.
  8. haha we know it's that easy, but it would be nice to have a merge and be able to keep what we have spent months building up.
  9. They should just merge all three PvP servers, PvP2US is losing people daily.
  10. I'm not sure you understand #5. We the Brits were accused of Zerging (Fredrikstad, one PB), not the French, and your own people used the term Blitzing for your nations actions this previous weekend (Multiple PB's), we never accused anything. I do agree though that it is a war game, and in war you do what is necessary to provide the best possible outcome for your side.
  11. Thanks, you seem like an alright dude yourself. Let's break this down a little bit, I think you guys misunderstand the terms you are using. Zerging actually refers to using a massive amount of low level units to overpower an enemy, think StarCraft, I'm sure some of you have played it. Blitzing, while also fast, usually includes greater firepower, but I digress, because what has happened is already in the past. You cant logically look at this thread and the start of it as something that's not going to piss people off. It's pretty much trash talk without directing really at first, it really just shows what kind of person he is. Also, we're Zerging because you guys can't get the numbers, but when we can't get the numbers, I'm pretty sure we don't b**** and moan about numbers, it's a war game, it's not always going to be even. I enjoy this game, but already know of people who have left, partially because of lack of content, but also because they are sick of hearing all the trash "the French" talk, and I put that in quotes so everyone knows I'm referring to someone elses view. This thread is not good for the game, should be locked and set to drift.
  12. Actually I have, thanks for your positive post.
  13. Yes, but until they implent something, this is how it appears it will go.
  14. This thread is a joke, comical at best. If you reread the first post and don't come away thinking that the post wouldn't cause people to gripe or cause hate just like previous threads, you need to go back to grade school. The whole post is childish. WIS does not come on here and boast about port battle victories, let alone undefended victories. Can someone explain the difference between zerging and blitzing, pretty sure they both imply fast rushing as Google never lies, so trying to call something a different name with the same meaning, well that's just stupid. You all keep talking about caring about the game and the population, yet you continue to open more threads of useless crap that become a breeding ground for name calling and unneeded accusations, which eventually leads to an appendage measuring contest.
  15. So we were zerging, but it's okay for you to blitz? Very confusing.
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