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  1. I'm pretty sure this already happens? As planking integrity lowers, the armour degrades and you start getting more pens.
  2. Maybe take leaks into consideration? Say, 8 leaks will get someone the kill/assist, and whomever deals the most leaks below the waterline, then factor in damage and etc.
  3. I wonder if there can be an option for the heavy crafters, those of us who spend hours gathering resources, refining them and cranking out ships. We're the ones who benefit most from increased labour hours, and depending on our playtime, our focus on the econ side takes us away from taking part in RvR. Could there be something for us similar to the PvP group, plus increased labour regen?
  4. Nah, so long as the LH earnings are less than < Euro trader costs.
  5. Clause 3. I suggest designating an AI skill level that can be found by hovering over the fleet. That level denotes how good the commander is, and the level of tactics used by the whole fleet, with some discrepancies allowing for better shooting/worse shooting depending on individual ship commander's skills.
  6. I think someone misplaced a decimal point or two.
  7. I think it's because you're overpenning, mediums only pen one side, and the splinters + the ball bouncing around the ship killing the crew. You are just going straight through, not killing as many.
  8. Is this only applied for offensive side? ie. defenders can join above the 1.5 limit, but attackers cannot? I have several points to make it that is the case.
  9. The demand for labour hours is gonna go through the roof..it's bad enough already with the notes, resources, now add a massive demand of ships..
  10. Aw, thought you were still missing it. Anything else that needs to be fitted in?
  11. Random fire should fire hell of a lot quicker.
  12. I personally would like to man X amount of decks for guns, if I need to prepare/board something. So, if I'm boarding, but still wanna grape someone, I'll man only one side of my guns, halving my gun crew requirement while leaving a good number for boarding. We should also have the option to man a specific deck. If I'm in my constitution, and I'm running carronades up top and longs on bottom, I want to repair out of range, I need to disable most of my guns to be able to repair at speed. If I can disable my carronades and redistribute crew so only the 24 lbs are manned and the rest can go repair, that would be ideal.
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