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  1. I was exactly thinking of Master and Commander when I thought this up, lol. Crude though their methods may seem, they still did have a way of figuring out roughly where they were in the middle of nowhere, without relying on a coast. Now, I would love if the devs made an accurate sky and we had in-game sextants and whatnot, but that'd probably take a lot of effort, for both sides. For me, grid lines and coordinates would do the trick. You'd still have to navigate your way to different locations, but at least you'd have numbers to work with, just like the mariners we are roleplaying did. Apart from regular sailing, this will really help when you come back during afk sailing, and this will also be of great help when tacking against a headwind. You'd know around where you need to make that turn, even when you're in the middle of the ocean. Bottom line, this is still a game. I'm pretty sure the devs want this game to go beyond people who really enjoy navigation. Is it really such a horrible idea to make player's lives easier? You could even make it optional: have an enable/disable option so the hardcore navigators could still get their satisfaction.
  2. Hello, I would just like to suggest adding something like longitudes and latitudes on the map; perhaps depending on where your cursor is hovering around, it will show the coordinates of that particular location (numbered grid lines would work too). This will work in conjunction with some small portion of the UI showing your present location in degrees longitude and latitude. You devs wouldn't have to show our ship on a map or whatever, (I know the navigating and using the compass is part of the fun in the game) just give those numbers on the UI and on the map. This would really help when one has been sailing for days and is unsure where one is. Many people have told me to just press f11 to know my coordinates, but I think it'd be more immersive if it were something like longitude and latitude. And to my knowledge, the map doesn't really show the X and Y coordinates, so knowing your present X and Y isn't helpful. Besides, this would be closer to reality at the time, than just sailing west and praying for land. Navigators back then had cross staffs, sextants, astrolabes, etc. They could figure out roughly where they are in relation to a map, whereas we (players) cannot. From what wiki tells me, the lines of longitude and latitude wasn't standardized until the late 19th century, so maybe something like it can be implemented in-game? Perhaps gridifying whatever the navigators at the time used to reckon their positions? The modern standard system would be great too
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