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  1. Economy is already fucking up.. there are buy orders for iron ore in every port ... a grand petition was laid out weeks ago to remove buy orders.. but those commies failed to comply... further petition to reduce buying to maximum of 200 per buy order was also ignored. Now only one player in entire nation of an entire server is able to buy iron ore at a decent price (60-70% cheaper than everyone else) because of this stupid buy order. This comment is not related to most of the current economic issues.. so God knows what else is bothering other players but this buy order certainly pulled a hair out of my fat ass.
  2. PVP2? I thought you folks disappeared from there weeks ago.. anyways I don't think your reconquista will do much.. try calling for the pope maybe he can provide some assistance
  3. Perhaps to make things square... put a 5 minute battle timer before exit for pirate nation, and allow anyone outside the battle to jump in and spawn right in the middle of the battle..
  4. Yea don't worry about it.. im sure they're taking all the time to figure out what sort of stuff to add... although it could result in interesting features.. can also bring the downfall of the entire game
  5. Not bad of an idea What I also had in mind is nation specialty ships.. where each nation has a paricular ship which only they can craft.. Eg.fluyt (dutch)... man o war (british)... galleon (spanish).. and so on.
  6. I have nothing to do with Camp du Roy but I am fully supportive of any action against frogs and/or their displacement as a society in our world and/or their existence as a civilization from our dear Caribbean map. To end my supporting with a beautiful quote: "We who are the rest of the people raised our heart and eyes to heaven crying for God to have compassion upon us, and to turn away from us the power of the French." - Thomas Elthem - Henry V's Chaplain at Agincourt
  7. Totally agree.. buy contracts must be removed from game unless developers can find an unexploitive way for players to use them.
  8. I don't mind speaking for the pirates if needed.. tell me what you want to know and i'll let you know if there's a buck or two in it for me xD
  9. Lord Van Pelt

    Naval Action SS

    Screenshots taken during Naval Action gameplay
  10. Lord Van Pelt

    Naval Action Gunfire

    Battles in Naval Action - specifically targeting moments of gunfire and gunshots to show the fire & explosion UI in the game
  11. I totally vote for a decrease of NPC production by 50%.. current situation is ridiculous and all prices have decreased.. leading to an increase of supply of all materials and increase flow of resources in capital ports.. leading to overall price reduction... leaving traders making little to nothing at this moment. Any noob can craft materials (with the exception of notes) .. so what's stopping the entire community from crafting materials and sell lower than everyone else? Also the appearance of player names next to contracts is a brutal invasion of privacy.
  12. Current patch destroyed a lot of trade due to a major increase of supplies.. and caused a great decrease in a lot of prices. If you could lower NPC production output by at least 50% I think it would be a good start. I also invested in 4 live oak log camps.. 50 per day each.. total of 200 per day.. It cost me around 210,000 gold to build each camp including level 3 upgrades. (x4 equals to 840,000 gold in capital spending). If I were to sell all 200 everyday in my capital's market through contract for approximately 200 each.. I would make 40,000 every 24 hours. It will take me at least 21 days / 3 weeks or more to get my return on investment.. which is quite slow. Would be nice if you could increase the outcome of the production of all buildings and drastically decrease NPC production until eventually more players have their own productions.
  13. Im considering switching sides in the near future.. is it necessary to grow my armpits, change my sexual preferences, and eat snails if I wish to become french?
  14. With all due respect sir.. Danes were never really a "power" in that period (historically speaking).. so it's only right for your colonies to disperse one by one
  15. Most annoying thing is ports not having lights shine outside the buildings.. and during nighttime the lighting is very low... There's no indication that a port actually is located in that part of the map other than one's own intuition of where the exact position is.. there's not even a damn lighthouse in ports! Not even in regional capitals! and even worse.. not even in nation capitals! In the rain/fog.. almost impossible to see even land.. it's totally covered by the premier layer of weather occurance while the layer behind this weather is blank covered
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