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  1. http://naval-action-unofficial.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Ships Not complete but its a start lol, funny enought the snow there is a 4/7 mine is a 3/8.. Rather not complete, at least you get an approx view on how many decks on a ship.
  2. Yes I make money undercutting the MT market every time I come back to port; and that's a good thing: I make a nice rounded profit halving down the prices; and i help crafters to get their resources at a cheaper fee than some outrageous flaring prices; it's a win-win except for my fellow traders... when they don't undecut me! Oh, and I assume if they grinded to get the money from the game, it came from the game right?
  3. This is a competitive/War game, you are supposed to enjoy anything at the expense of the other players, be it on the high seas.. taking over the map.. or at the stock market.
  4. Bump and a shanty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3ZMIU7Oeo4
  5. Indeed.. Fixed, thank you for spotting the typo through your spyglass!
  6. Claim for a guild being built. [All info, including the guild's name is temporary until the founding group agrees on all details] The Brethren of the Cayes These pirates who settled in PedroCay would be vigilant Guardians of the People's Rights and Liberties; they would stand as Barriers against the Rich and Powerful of their day. By waging war on behalf of the Oppressed against the Oppressors, they would see that Justice was equally distributed. Main Port of Call: Pedro Cay Area of Operations: from Jamaica down to the Spanish Main Current crew: Deathmore, Falcor23, James Franco, Louis Landrieux, Mal Playstyle: Freethinking, leaderless multi-national..PvP Server shard: PvP Server2
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