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    We wouldnt even have a perk like this if enough people didnt see a problem with a 2 min timer. Fun>realism. On that note i think 30 min is way too long but could make for some major fun around high traffic freetowns. I wouldn't get all worked up because its definitely going to be adjusted, if its not removed entirely.
  2. Im sure i can find a couple teammates, this is a great idea. If i can be of service in any way let me know. Also, when is the deadline for payment?
  3. The fact of the matter is, as it stands now, spain (and all its players "whiners" and all) are effectively shut out of rvr, which as we all know by now is a huge part of this game. While i dont agree with bringing it to this part of the forum where it will fall on deaf ears and become food for forum justifications, i think alot of this is borne out of frustration at the fact that we can pull flags but probably wont ever plant them, and now even making it to a pb defense in our home waters is a crap shoot.The ability to enter allies PBs and form groups will only exacerbate the situation as we've managed to piss off all of our neighbors (a whole different convo). We all get it, screening is part of the game, and allies will help allies. What i seriously dont get about the forum wars is the inability or purposeful overlooking of the fact that individuals, not the entire nation of spain speak here. You want to wipe us? Do it, dont sit here and justify keeping a portion of the player base in a corner by saying we have no right to speak. At least in the beginning the AUSEZ among others had the balls to state their intentions and follow through with a full scale attack which provided fun content for all. For the record i dont agree with the " we're not playing anymore" argument, nor do i agree with the manner in which some other complaints are voiced, but somethings gotta change because somewhere along the way, this stopped being fun and became one huge shit slinging contest, and its the non forum rank and file who has to eat the shit sandwich.
  4. This whole treaty business is starting to reek of nations jockeying for moral high ground in the inevitable event that spain pops any port battles at all against any of her neighbors... Honestly, two months of complete inactivity is going to hurt player base more than when you eventually resume the offensive under the old "Spain broke our agreement" pretense which we all know is going to happen one way or another. You say this treaty is great for spain but its seems to alot of people to be an attempt to control who and where we attack. Why not just cut the bullshit and get on with it?
  5. I wouldn't worry too much, we'll probably be here again after the diplo patch. US, GB, and VP will still be allies and Spain will still be surrounded, far from our own allies. Its not really a big deal. New rvr dynamics will enter the picture sooner or later to shake things up a bit. Regardless of what happens going forward, there will still be fun to be had.
  6. Eh, the Peninsular War makes for better reading anyways. On a side note I've always wanted to visit the Hougoumont. And Custard, thats awesome, il bet you've heard some very interesting stories. A direct source to history like that is priceless. (Assuming you were being serious, this is the internet after all).
  7. The reason i brought it up was because it was used as an example of skill. It takes no skill to suicide tag ppl in a narrow channel.
  8. Yeah thats assuming you tagged us one by one in the narrow channel. And then the remaining 18 just ran away? Get real clown. And if spain is so terrible and you beat us 95% of the time why are you crying for the dutch to come and help with a potential 1 on 1 where we cant even take your ports?
  9. I guess not, no. But when you say we got outplayed and outmaneuvered... Its a tactic yes maybe not gamey, ok, when you trumpet a victory where the defender never got a chance to fight to defend the port as a tactical masterstroke that was "ahead of the curve" it just seems kinda pathetic. It was a single narrow channel leading to the port, helen keller could have rocked that strat. I called it gamey because it was a clear example of people playing for a dot on the map instead of people fighting a battle, but i guess we all know well by now the deficiencies of the current system.
  10. Lenhador has kept us (CAZA) up to speed with whats happening.
  11. So you basically just did everything in your power to prevent a large battle in the actual port and pissed away ships so you could shoot towers for 30 mins and trumpet it as a great tactical victory that only a genius of naval action could have procured. Thanks for proving my earlier point there bud. Anyone could have done what you did, its just that most nations don't pull gamey shit like that just so they can throw the battle in someones face later.
  12. Eh fuck it, i guess il just wait and see how this turns out. I was under the impression most of the spanish timers were set to 18-22 range. We tried the 4-6 trick awhile back and we got wadded, i didnt think we repeated that mistake. I don't care about ports in florida, what i care about is Cuba, and to a lesser extent the Yucatan.
  13. Lol dutch spam the cuban coast ganking whatever defenders we can muster while the US takes empty ports, calls them all great victories, talk shit on the forums, and sets the timers to 4-6. Sounds like a great treaty to sign. There wont be any point in rvr for spain, france, and the danes for awhile because the pirates (when they were strong) were the balancing factor population wise. They were the GB of our axis. Without them we just get beaten on numbers and sheer weight of crafting capacity and coordination one by one.
  14. But where would a troll thread in NN be without a forum timer war?
  15. I only added that bit as a response to the US whining about being left out of the treaty talk and saying that spain will all of the sudden decide they wanna go apeshit on the US. I live on the east coast USA (EST) and i have absolutely no problem whatsoever participating in rvr during pvp1 primetime 18-22 server time with EVERYONE else. If i remember right it works out to 4-8pm est. Sorry for the off topic, you can delete this if you want i just needed to straighten that out quick. As for this treaty, its a noble effort with good intentions but asking the whole server to be at peace will probably just lead to broken promises and even more bad blood on the eve of the rework. I wish you the best of luck though in all seriousness.
  16. 2-4 and 4-6 timers used on a massive scale are a gamey way to make sure no one snatches your ports. Its the main reason why rvr in its current form is a failure, and speaks volumes of those who use it to dodge fights. I doubt Spanish players will even bother with that bullshit before the rework.
  17. There will always be ganks no matter what is put in place. Its common sense to want an advantage. The timers as they are now, only serve to ensure that ganks stay ganks and that the battle does not become even or turn into a countergank. All for the sake of "realism" which im all for until it adversely affects fun pvp. This is a game, too much realism, unfortunately, can be a bad thing when implemented in certain aspects of the game.
  18. I was only trying to point out that shorter timers are an expensive trade-off for large ow brawls imho. Your points are all completely valid, im merely saying that i think that the most amazing, unique, and fun aspects of this game are best showcased in large battles and that im wary of anything that detracts from the frequency of these battles happening both for the sake of my own enjoyment and for the appeal of this game to new, fresh players. I was under the impression (i may be wrong, clearly) that the devs main focus was always combat and that large trafalgar like battles were something like a quasi inspiration. About your example, you also take away the ability for friends to help out. 9 times out of ten the guy sailing on his own that gets ganked is dead either way but a 2 min timer means you don't have to worry about other enemies close to an enemy capital if you hit em at the right time. Youd need 10 min timers to get to get to a battle to help out a buddy if the gank force waited for the appropriate wind direction.
  19. Extend the battle timer to 3-3.5 mins, watch ganking in game plummet and defense of gankees become easier, watch gankers on the forum lose their shit and threaten to quit if they cant get their 2 min timer back so they can do what they do with ease again. I honestly don't know why the timers were lowered to encourage solo and small scale battles (ganks) at the expense of the potential for large (unorganized/unplanned) OW battles. I understand that unlimited teleports change things but at some point you need to step the fuck back and ask yourself what kind of game you want this to be.... Sail around for hours by yourself and hit traders/gank lone people with no chance of getting sunk yourself- or massive trafalgar-like battles popping up in hotspots all the time because people can get to fights. There will probably never be a happy medium between the two and trying to find one is a detriment to both playstyles. If you build this game and influence where the development leads basing your opinion on current active playerbase and unfinished/unpolished content the end product may not be what was originially intended.
  20. Careful now folks, dont step in the bullshit.
  21. Wait, its legit though the spanish used that exploit first right?
  22. Only the fearful brag of past victories when there are thousands of battles yet to be fought.
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