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  1. I think this would be fun as hell, but in the long run national civil wars (which will inevitably happen) will create flaming, pissed of ppl on an epic scale, not to mention form irreparable rifts between player groups of the same nation. This would end up bolstering the ranks of the pirates sooner than later. On that note, im down to test it and watch the Caribbean burn.
  2. Why not just apply any and all pirate "nerfs" to a separate server that opens at the next major wipe. All xp stays the same and everything else will get wiped anyways. The pirates can keep pvp1, while everyone who doesn't want to play with a pirate zerg can move to the new mirror and start again as if nothing happened, and be at the same exact spot they would have been in had they stayed. The nerfed pirate server would foster a more realistic historical nation vs nation environment, and any pirates that came over that new server would have no basis to complain about the changes to pirate mechanics. Note: im sure theres a million reasons why this wont happen, i just thought id throw it out there.
  3. Was quoted from admin post, accidentally deleted poster tag, just throwing that out there.
  4. United States even paid tributes to pirates The U.S. Pays Tribute After finding American commerce in the Mediterranean had almost stopped due to the pirates, the Continental Congress agreed in 1784 to negotiate treaties with the four Barbary States. Congress appointed a special commission, consisting of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin, to oversee the negotiations. The following year, Congress authorized a maximum of $80,000 to spend on tribute treaties with all the Barbary Pirate States. In 1787, the United States signed a tribute treaty with Morocco. This proved to be a reasonable treaty, costing the United States a one-time only tribute of about $20,000. Except for a few brief disagreements, Morocco never again harassed American shipping. Algiers, the most powerful of the Barbary Pirates States, was a different story. In the summer of 1785, pirates from Algiers captured two American merchant ships and held the 21 men aboard them for ransom. The United States offered $4,200 for the captives. The ruler of Algiers, called the dey, demanded nearly $60,000. The Americans refused, and negotiations dragged on for more than 10 years. The two commissioners most involved in tribute treaty negotiations were John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Adams favored paying tribute as the cheapest way to get American commerce moving again in the Mediterranean. Jefferson disagreed. He saw no end to the demands for tribute. He wanted matters settled "through the medium of war" and proposed a league of trading nations to force the end of Barbary piracy. In 1790, pirates from Algiers captured 11 American ships and more than 100 prisoners to add to those already held for ransom. This shocking news produced a serious debate in the newly formed U.S. Congress over the need to build a navy. But it took five years before Congress authorized the construction of six warships. Finally, in 1796, the United States signed a peace treaty with Algiers. The United States agreed to pay $642,500 plus annual tribute of naval supplies and presents to the dey. In exchange, the dey promised to release of the American captives and protect American shipping. The United States had to borrow money to make the primary tribute payment. After 1796 US paid another 160,000 us dollars in tributes and presents to pirates, and even had to borrow money to make the payments. In 1801 Pirate ruler canceled the agreements and requested more money. This time US refused and went to war with Barbary states. Eventually.... The scope of corsair activity began to diminish as the more powerful European navies started to compel the Barbary States to make peace and cease attacking their shipping. However, the ships and coasts of Christian states without such effective protection continued to suffer until the early 19th century. Following the Napoleonic Wars and the Congress of Vienna in 1814–15, European powers agreed upon the need to suppress the Barbary corsairs entirely and the threat was largely subdued. Occasional incidents occurred, including two Barbary wars between the United States of America and the Barbary States, until finally terminated by the French conquest of Algiers in 1830. The book 6 Frigates by Ian Toll covers this in detail. Its a fantastic account of the creation of the USN and its early engagements.
  5. It would put quite a few arguments to rest, if nothing else.
  6. If all the "major" clans went pirate we would probably be far more likely to unite all the nations against the pirates. In most cases its individual people, not the flag or even clan tag that prevents this from happening now.
  7. I watched olav deng's review on the essex like 10 mins after posting that lol, he mentioned that it is technically the same model, my bad on the double post, was using my phone.
  8. How bout the Acheron too while we're at it:)
  9. How bout the Acheron too while we're at it.
  10. What happens when KOTO forms Prussia and starts eating? J/k i love EU4, and i think this idea needs some more pirate input (idk what you are in-game). Any discussion on changing pirate mechanics should heavily include pirate nation members, not just salty national players with pre-conceived biases (again not talking about you or anyone in particular). Just seems like more progress would made that way. I do like the idea,though I'm not a pirate myself.
  11. There are options up there that let you vote to keep things the way they are as of right now...
  12. When will you be organizing another, i always seem to miss them
  13. +1 for the lighthouse idea, but maybe only for regional capitals and nation capitals, cookie cutter lighthouses in every port seems somewhat repetitive. Might be able to make nation specific designs for them. Either way its more of a cosmetic change, i wouldn't expect any action on it for awhile.
  14. Potemkin


    Im probably an extreme minority here, but i haven't heard a word of english in voice chat or seen any in battle chat during major engagements in months and i don't speak spanish. I don't mind as its fairly easy to see and react to whats happening around me, but waay down the road it may not be a bad idea. At the very least it would give a player some idea of who to follow and potentially what tack to sustain if that player does not speak the language. Its not something i would expect in the near future.
  15. I wonder how many more pages this ones going to last before it gets locked, over/under is 4. Im going with the under.
  16. So my entire argument is invalid because of blockaders and a few people in cutters. Right, great talk. There are crafters here and they are doing what they can. I was merely saying that a member of a zerg nation advocating removing 3rds when they have the means to equip their players with better ships is assenine and wont happen anytime soon.
  17. I cant speak for all of us really but from what ive experienced, this game is alot more fun when you play it the way you want, even if that means dicking around in smaller ships and not desperately trying to keep up with bigger powers in terms of crafting, organization etc. Not all of us can sink serious hours into this game. Im not going to change your opinion just like you wont change mine. Agreed to disagree.
  18. All i meant by that was that even if GB and Spain had the same percentage of people crafting, you would have more output in the long run. 15-20% of 800 is alot more than 15-20% of 300. Fyi im just making up numbers here as far as population and percentage of crafters. On top of that when we lost high level crafters from RACC and RAE we lost BPs as well. Maybe you have a clearer picture of whats going on in spain then i do lol. Im not opposed to limiting capped 3rds down the road but as of right now im saying we dont have anything we can replace them with. I mean, vote for by all means if you want us defending ports with frigates and a few player capped SoLs. Edit: no one is asking for handouts or pity but dont advocate taking away our only CURRENT sustainable means of self defense.
  19. All im going to say is i agree with alot of whats been said here, but self appointed "leaders" trying to change all this will only cause more hardcore trolling. One way or another change needs to begin with the average player. How you do that, i dont know. There will always be trolls, the key is keeping them a Frowned upon minority in the eyes of the player majority.
  20. Taking away capped 3rd rates will make smaller nations utterly unable to defend themselves against more populated nations. Its already a joke fighting against the english muzzle to muzzle, fun yes, but alot of the battles are over before they begin due to the sheer firepower England's crafting population can pump out on a given day. PvP1 spain is fighting fleets composed of 5-6 1st rates pavels and bellonas with a handful of pavels and capped 3rds. Many of our high level crafters defected. I understand there may be alternatives down the road but why do you want to make the national firepower gap even larger than it already is. This would only bolster the ranks of the pirates because people tend to want to have a fighting chance in large scale, organized combat. Suicidal defense in depth will only work if you can get enough players to an area in a small time window, this is why it worked around corrientes for the spanish and it was our only option because if you were allowed to open the PB you would have just won on BR and left.
  21. I can def get u a graphics card, i may be able to cannibalize a few more components. Consider it a gift from the naval action community, we appreciate the diplo thread. Ill pm you soon, im working for the next 6 days but i can get things moving quickly once im off for a few.
  22. Let me see what i can dig up, gimme a couple days, Stand by.
  23. Would be entertaining to me but someone would get butthurt and it would probly just become another 14 page flame war. They just closed the france v britian thread, and alll that salt is gonna spill over somewhere. Honestly I'm surprised this ones lasted so long.
  24. Bram what do you need, i can get a few different graphics cards cheap. I.E. I can hook u up with one for free i don't mind taking the hit.
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