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  1. He made a whole new thread for you Jager, lmao
  2. Sloth you can change mechanics all you want but at the end of the day its the individual players who decide how to utilize those mechanics. No one can be forced to play the game one way or another.
  3. On that logic might as well dump 2/3 of the other threads. Would probably do some people good as far as blood pressure goes.
  4. You guys realize the optimum time to dismast is when the npc is heading directly towards/away from you and when they are starting to turn away/towards you. You dismast using ball not chain, and either way will take quite a few broadsides. And npc movement seems to be closely tied to your own maneuvers. If you sail in a straight line the npc will do what it wants, i.e. open/close range. If you force the npc to react to you, you can dictate what it will do.
  5. Lobogris we need more body count reports, whats the butchers bill?
  6. I noticed, got drunk, and realized i dont really care that much. Im just bored as hell at work, ima just play the game.
  7. Just an fyi kenway, keep in mind that 9 out of 10 spanish players never heard anything regarding the diplo in which the few took upon themselves to make decisions for the many. Regardless of what happened in the talks, the end result was british players flooding the forums and global saying they were dead set on erasing spain to one port and in many cases insulting our player base as a whole. Say whatever you wish but id think people on both sides would recognize the importance of rebuilding relations and planning for the map reset whenever it comes. I have no particular hate for the brits, honestly i think it would have been more fun to team up with you against the US. But continuing finger pointing and forum flame on BOTH sides destroys this potential outcome, and for that i am truly sorry.
  8. The waffen SS had elements from almost all european countries including but not limited to france, the low countries, and spain. Im not usually one to run with the PC game but trolls using an SS tag have no place in this game and it is ultimately toxic to the community no matter how you look at it, not to mention a slap in the face to EU nationals who still can feel and see the effects of the second world war. Its really not hard to change the name to S&S. I dont care what you do either way but i am quite sure its in bad taste. And while your at it look up the definition of internet trolling.
  9. Apparently no one understands the concept of trolling.
  10. Ron Paul was elected leader of espana.
  11. when do you get the ban info message? i just logged on after 2 days and cant talk in any chats, never been banned before.
  12. I cant access the ingame chat, im pretty sure i know why i got banned, but would like to see what got me. In-game nickname:Potemkin never got a warning but i probably deserved it.... just want to know how long its for. i cant communicate with anyone in ts i dont speak spanish.
  13. Honestly all the other crap aside, I've been having a lot of fun with the PvP against u guys, and for the most part its been civil at the end of battles.
  14. I was replying to Dark Fenix, not you dude. sorry for any confusion. Im just gonna let this one play out before posting anything else.
  15. Cheers Mr Reher, may the wind be always at your back.
  16. And all things being equal id much rather be allied to the pirates as their player base isn't saturated by pretentious megalomaniacs who seem to have lost sight of the fact that this is a game and that the game community as a whole is worth more than taking meaningless ports.
  17. Actually its a combination of the fact that we dont have the player base to defend more than 6 or 7 ports, and the fact that almost every english post on the forums is bullshit like this. Why is it that you expect obedience from us when we're doing better as a community now than when were actually allied to you? What do you expect us to say when we "come to the table". Your players have made it clear that we are not entitled to ask for anything so why the hell do you expect us to make peace?
  18. I think we'd rather fight you with no ports than suffer through the bullshit and finger pointing that comes with British/Spanish diplo. And trust me im not alone in this opinion.
  19. Please no flash photography, and for the love of god, don't feed the trolls.
  20. Uh oh, all the way back to habana? You guys are really playing hardball now!
  21. So don't make any deals with us there Casanova. Trust me we will get over it.
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