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  1. Agreed 100% it would be very helpful to a new player to at least be exposed to these two concepts (angling and positioning relative to the weather gauge) early on as they play a very big role in combat. Imo the tutorial is good as is but adding these two lessons would be the cherry on top of a very important addition.
  2. "Like ships in a bottle" Edit: are you roman polanski kinda guy?
  3. Ive been trying to find the battle scene where they sink the rebel spanish ship on youtube for so long. The ironic thing is our forum hornblower is way more like el supremo than Peck's Hornblower.
  4. Lmao really? I though it was for easy pvp marks and tastey screenshots to put in "great battles" topic. Sounds like a hornblower spin tbh
  5. I doubt this is really an issue you can resolve without speaking to the players in spain who still technically control appalachicola. This sounds more like a convienent way to cut ties with spain for PR and territorial gains, and lay the blame on the actual spanish in the process. Alts are cancer.
  6. Well if we did cause it, it was the brits leaving, and if it was the brits then no one has any right to bitch because they never bothered to defend anything after georgetown and turneffe were taken. Not our fault if people dont wanna lose ports and quit when they do but at the same time make no effort whatsoever to play the game and defend them. I get that they weren't the best but thats no excuse to not even try. You guys ended up taking most of those ports back towards the end and with the exception of one or two it was done by guys that were trying to learn seemingly without any help from vet players.
  7. Russia, poland, and prussia were all experiments. Russia was the only one of the three that went all out, hence that portion of the experiment ended differently. With 350-400 ppl online nowadays im glad we did, it was alot of fun.
  8. Proxy wars seem to be popular these days
  9. Well guys you heard him, rediii has tired of our pleb talk, lets pack it up. Discussions over.
  10. Like you said, keep ow identification anonymous but have a visible tag that shows a bonus multiplier. 0 pvp marks earned since server maint- .5x, 20- 1x, 40- 1.5x etc (or something TBD). Just throwin ideas out there.
  11. Love the idea but you'd have to get admin to come around in the "visible player names in the ow" argument for it to really reach its potential.
  12. If you go hardcore pve for a couple weeks, not only do you get seed money for res and valuable drops you can sell, you also get a metric shit-ton of combat marks. If i remember correctly you can convert 150 or so CMs for 10 LCs. Its just a question of how committed you are to setting yourself up to be able to pump out ships in a very short amount of time. Id imagine if you've got 30 alts then you've probably got the time to do this and then some..
  13. No shit sherlock, thanks for the input.
  14. Come to think of it, thats a pretty good tactic to combat coordinated multiflips with a minimum of players
  15. I hear ya man. I guess my overall goal (when i started writing that) was to emphasize giving players in this game options on different ways to enjoy the game. Almost all aspects of this game require time, a commodity much of the player base does not have enough of to get the most out of what this game has to offer. I know the devs removed the small/large battles for several reasons. One i suspect was to try to get a playerbase started for NAL and i thought it was stated somewhere by admin that they were not being used enough. I get that, and either way ill deal with whatever finality comes about, but i think more options for players only benefits the game. Imho if the player(s) that only log onto NA for lobby events decides to go pvp with buddies or venture out to the patrol zones even once a month, its better than having that player pack his shit up and move on entirely from the game.
  16. Cant believe no one has mentioned skull and bones, sorry no link. On my phone at work atm. Still in closed beta i believe but its made by ubisoft and from what i gather its just like they took the sailing ship element out of AC Black Flag and made a game. Watched a couple videos of it on youtube. Theres some elements in there that remind me alot of NA but it definitely looks interesting. Look it up.
  17. Not advocating turning NA into NA legends but the old small battle challenges were quite fun and despite the autistic screaming of some people, never took away from OW action. In fact with ships only being one durability now and with the number of ship slots putting a limit on ship stockpiling, the old small battle room (or fleet practice room as it is now) would only increase ow trader traffic/ demand for player built ships/repairs. Just bring back .5x rewards for the fleet practice and make it so theres only one event every 2 hours or so. Would at least give people who dont have a zerg blob to sail with in the pvp event zones an option to take out a ship worth fighting in. Just a suggestion on a possible way to bridge the gap between the two games and to try to bring a few NAL players back into the fold.
  18. If you did that, you'd need to make a zero pvp mark reward for sinking players inside the pvp zone while in a ship outside the proposed limits or you'd probably still see 1st rate fleets farming marks, just without the zone reward in the 4-5 limit events.
  19. Almost sounds like the royal navy's swordfish attack on the bismarck that crippled the steering...?
  20. @admin Maybe make the reward for a raid equivalent to the average or the total sum (to that point in the day) of the ports daily income for the port that gets raided. If that cant be done, reward the raiders with a taste of whatever resource makes the money in the port like carta tar or copper ingots etc, and nullify that days clan income for the port that gets hit. Presumably you would hit valuable ports of your enemy. This would force a defense of some sort as repeated raids would drain that clans ability to pay for other ports upkeep over time if the raids go unchecked. My personal suggestion would be to revive the flags and put a 15-30 minute lifespan on them to create a max range and create strategic value for otherwise useless ports in the vincity of the ultimate raid target. This would force a nation to A: expand a zone around valuable ports to create a buffer zone and B: force a nation to take a port close enough to plant the flag successfully. Make the cost of the flag something absurd like 300-500 pvp marks to A:make it a focused group effort B: make it easier and less controversial to form the group of people to carry it out (contributors) and C: make troll flags counter-productive and unsustainable to repeat and D : give pvp marks another use besides a trade chip and above all make them a means to further CONTENT, meaning (presumably) people will be more willing to risk assets via pvp if there is something to be gained in the end (light at the end of the tunnel). Make it like a tow but for the whole nation, one per day max-whoever can pay for it first gets the right to pull the flag. I dont know anything about coding but if its possible (and if it didnt take too much effort) create a unique battle environment/setting using the regular port battle map for a specific port, and using the flag itself like an item that spawns the instance when you use it near the port(within a close distance). Since there are limited ports on the map that make millions of gold, just make a small list you can choose from when you purchase the flag in a national port so if they were to code in special battle characteristics it would only have to be done for 5 or 6 ports. If successful, maybe more later. It would be a tangible form of economic warfare. Honestly i just wanna see raids or some other mechanism that coerces or creates new avenues to ow pvp. We really do need something. Obviously there will be issues with this suggestion i understand this and i am by no means making demands. I havent contributed much to the development just thought id try.
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