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  1. Still no hotfix for players logging in timer?...
  2. Actually it won't matter because most of them will be going to another server, so they can log off in front of eachother ports.
  3. @admin Are we getting a 30min cooldown after logging out at this update? Actually it doesn't matter because most of them going to be on another server so they can log off in front of eachother ports.
  4. You're free to come to our teamspeak to talk to our PB commanders and ask what are real numbers of players who actually join port battles. Instead of spraying false information.
  5. I didn't participate in port battles for the past week, but was in pretty much every PB before that. Lately at Islamorada, Bridgetown we couldn't even leave the port because it was littery surrounded with screeners and all we had was just a few frigates. We couldn't leave the port while enemies logged in the server and joined directly to port battle. On other side others still do screening during their defense port battle effectively. Screening in general is activity and gameplay for lower ranked players or the ones without a right ship. I also find it extremely sad that someone is forcing others to log out and don't play the game for hours or even a full day like the ones that are sailing to Bermuda this evening.
  6. That's completely false. Pretty much everytime there is equal number of screeners from both sides and sometimes eastern alliance come with even greater numbers. Strangely enough you don't see western alliance logging out even when they come without any kind of screeners and they still get into port battle. Using ZERG alliance as an excuse to log out in front of PB port is just silly.
  7. Since this ''game feature'' is out of the hands now and being used at nearly every port battle, we need to talk about it and see what community think and their opinions about it. By most it's considered as a game mechanic abuse/exploit to gain advantage against their enemies to get into port battle without a fight. There is a poll. Thread without flaming and name calling.
  8. Where is our hotfix on 30min log out cooldown? The current ''game feature'' is forcing many players out.
  9. There are no players for 3 servers. Right now its around 400 players in pvp 1 and it's considered as prime time
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