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  1. All trade ships should have 5 slots if they aren’t given to you free like the brig/snow trade ships.  

    Min also with @Aster an iniaman refit would be nice and maybe one more bigger trade ship.


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  2. 1 hour ago, Greysteak said:

    I wish they were only available to low ranked players and then only when those players have no other ships in the docks.  If that were the case, I wouldn't see a problem with them in the PZ.

    They should of done more like a fallback system POTBS had for when you where all out of ships.  Only can redeem one when you had no other ships (war) in docks.

    1 hour ago, Wraith said:

    Except you don't get any rewards for sinking a Basic Cutter, but you do for sinking DLC ships.  Apples and oranges.

    They should be banned from joining any open battle period, PvP zone or no.

    I can perhaps get behind banning DLC ships from the shallows in order to improve the experience for new players in those areas, but that's not what the topic is about.

    I'm all for them not being able to enter others missions PvP/PvE either way, but honestlly if all they are doing is hitting PvE AI than you don't have to join them.  You can tell it's a basic cutter cause of the BR for the most part.  The folks I know that bring them do so to avoid the ganks of much bigger fleets to go get some marks from grining AI.   They just happen to get player kills when folks jump in an think it's going to be an easy kill.  I do believe if they ever balance out the zones it would not be needed cause some of the battles turn very quickly into a gank feast as every one joins one side and it's normally the bigger side from the start.

    1 hour ago, Hawkwood said:

    I know that, but why is this allowed? Other players risk their ships too. Shall we all just use basic cutters in patrol zone? That would be great......

    You don't have to jump into his AI battle or tag his basic cutter.....but folks are greedy and want an easy gank so to avoid that is why some bring them.  Fix the ROE in the ZONES and it should help with the avoiding gank mentality.  Also I state again you don't have to join that AI battle after all.

  3. 6 hours ago, Sovereign said:

    Very true but I don't think they are interested in actual facts and arguments based on logic. Trying to reason with them is a pointless endeavor.

    If you had developed and tested the game on your own and then given it to us, then this would have been possible... just saying. The complete and polished game doesn't simply poof into existence.


    6 hours ago, Rickard said:

    if everything was done right from the start wipes would not be needed... just saying.

    but this isn't a perfect world and we had to wipe and change things....honestly we should of done a bout a dozen wipes or more since it was put on Steam but the Dev team was kind to majority of the players that would of had a fit if they had to start over several times in the name of game development.

    5 hours ago, asdf333 said:

    How about keep the acquired books for alpha players but in a form of unused books? So if the old players do not want their skills they could sell them to the new players, speed up the progress of both new and old players.

    I'm actually one of those against keeping books, ship knowledge slots where grind for, but if we do keep them we will more than likely get redeemable for them.  When the last wipe happen I actually used this to switch some of my books around on my chars and I think I even gave a few of them to other clan members (now that I think of it was the merge not the wipe).

    5 hours ago, Cmdr RideZ said:

    There could be a full wipe month before release. After this point everyone can keep everything except in case something was broken, in which case devs would do the best to minimize losses.

    Once again would wipe it all but give one month headstart for EA players.

    This way there would be one final test run for the game. Also when everyone is informed beforehand, also in steam, we can go back reading Anolytics post why it works.

    There actually been a good number of games that has done this where the pre-order or testing team got the game a week or two before every one else as a head start.  Though honestly what makes it diffrent than our test versionm and a live version?  Them saying it's no longer in alpha?  I think we need a wipe and go into BETA testing for a month or so since all the core basic mechanics are there.  Do some tweeks and than wipe every thing for the release.  Now if they do that upon release  or if they do it a week or few before "OFFICIAL RELEASE."   That is up to the Dev team.  Either way we need a wipe to reset every thing and test the actuall econ and final parts of the game.  Folks also forget we will have changes after release (tweeks to RvR System maybe a pirate system etc etc...).

    5 hours ago, Crimson Sunrise said:

    i'd say a full month of EA only players grinding after a wipe before release would defeat the purpose of wiping if they just give testers another month to reach max lvl before release

    How exactly does it?  Really this is a sand box and all it does is means one group has a head start of another group of players.  As admin said it doesn't effect the guys that buy the game 3 months or 6 months later.   Though I do think they need to make a stopping point of what is ALpha and than move on to a beta stage (any one new from there don't get pandora) and let us finalize the testing of the game and it's released.  If they than say this is good enough and make the game officially live wihtout another wipe than it's really not going to change anything.

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  4. Econ stuff and the map needs a wipe to test things for sure.  We have ports that have been take with bad mechanics.  Ports owned by pretty much dead clans.  Time to stir the pot and do this now for testing.  I’m all game doing a one month before release wipe where we get only what we get on day one of release.

    not every one will play that month but it would let us test out things.  If all else do it like we did the test bed before last wipe.  It was a mirror of the live server and we go a bunch of patch up dates to work out bugs until they did the big patch and wipe.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Draymoor said:

    Boarding behavior:
    The AI just seems to have cheats for boarding, they always have better damage and firepower even if the player has a larger ship. 
    AI should change their attack at the last second rather than the current, which is at around 3 seconds left of a boarding action. If it can afford the preparation, it should wait until the last second. 
    AI traders should not have any marines, not 6th rates at least.

    AI trends to have all the best mods and no penalty to reload and other things that is effective when your full board spec as a player.

    The boarding thing about last minute change does not need to be changed.  Some of us that have crappy pings have to go on the 2-3 second and not the 1.  I lost a good number of actions I shouldn't have in  boarding cause of the last 1-2 seconds ping.  This from some one with only 120-130 ping.  Now take into account some one from SEA regions that have 300-600 pings.

    I get AI has those perks cause even a player with no mods can just Attack/Broad side until the moral is down and than take the ship.   The only thing I hate is it seems to have maxed out mods and no penalities to thins like reload and such.  They also never run out of Double ball/charge/chain

  6. 1 hour ago, Slim McSauce said:

    not enough NPC's in general, more OW AI, more variety of fleets.

    Trader fleets escorted by combat ships.

    AI Indiamans

    They could make another epic or even put them in them and have the Indiamans carry the loot.  You can either bring your own and take the cargo or you can capture the ships and try to take them back to port.  Though the missions are never close to ports proper of other nations so you have to go through enemy waters to get home and players can tag your group and try to win back the fleet ships.

    Prob would need chest that can't be put on normal war ships.

  7. 18 hours ago, Mr Pellew said:

    3rd rate vs 3rd rate. Just enough crew to go trough DD.

    But that doesn't matter if the other guy has no boaring mods or even just Barricades your going to rip them to pieces just using Cannons, this actually makes muskets usefull again

    17 hours ago, Aster said:

    As a counter point though I would like to throw out there with the new boarding pike mod plus boarding axes you can instant disengage with less cost just 1 perm 1 book and you have effectively full countered any boarding spec.

    I have one of those pikes and been wanting to do an Anit board beuild with them to test to see if it will disengage in 1 round with Axes, Barricades and 5 ringes is all you need, but if you don't have that I would get muskets or marines.  I beat folks in fights or qucik disengage or just held them there even against guys with Marines cause of the barricades.


  8. If we are going to make the green zones a bit safer I think we need aggressive AI in them.  Sorry for the PvP only guys this isn’t suppose to be your hunting grounds a like other games PVE is apart of both servers as the main is not PVP only.  You want easy targets than your going have to risk it or do your PvP in other waters.  

    On of my biggest complaints about AI in battles is they never use battle sails.  It’s worse in Epics where they are tanked out and can out sale you.  AI seem to not be affective by there wood type and builds speed wise in battles.

    would love to see random named elite AI in the OW that you don’t know is elite until tagged.  They carry special cargo/rewards.

    protected zone ships should be one tier higher other wise you get the problem with requim and 5th rates.  That way if it spawns two 4th rates players actually get some protection if they use them.  The point is to make green zones not gank zones.

    this was brought up about PVE server lack of big fleets.  I would like to see more fleet mixes in OW.  Ships that ran solo and some in fleets/convoys.  Some trade ships solo and some excirter. They said they lack 25 man fleets but in 30 mins I did find a lot of 12 ship fleets of 5 and 4th rates.  Fell asleep before I got where I seen 25 man fleets in PvP but will check again.

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  9. After release the only wipes I can see us having and keep players would be port reset of the map every 3-6 months so the map doesn’t get stale and boring with the same folks owning ports and not fighting.  

    As for the release I’m fine with only getting my xp for rank/crafting and ship knowledge.  The books we can get with new missions and rewards drops so it encourages folks to do those things in game, but with that we need the content to play. It’s getting there with the current in game missions and rewards.  

    I still would like more to do with my VM or be able to trade them for doubloons.  Maybe some more rewards in the shop that are for only VM.  

    And before any one states about why I’m for or against wipes of things remember I have 5 max level chars (well one still commodore) with max crafting I level up.  Each has 3-4K (main has 9k) hours on there accounts. I put in a lot of hours I to this game when I wasn’t working. It all the long I knew I’m here to test a game still I. Development.

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  10. When was the last time y’all done one of those fleets?  Since the pentaction changes?  I’m pretty sure you would get torn up pretty bad with the results of the first post by OP cause every thing would be penning and destroying your crew. 

    Once again I see 25 fleet ships I OW all the time in IS waters and 12 ship fleets in the shallows.  Maybe this is a PvP server only thing and you PVE server guys are getting screwed over.  Maybe your to lazy to actually hunt them down?  Who knows but sure having half your ports neutral all the time doesn’t help.  Which makes me wonder why doesn’t PVE map have locked historical ports like when we had the last wipe.  

  11. Even without the DLC we have plenty of doc space believe me I got so many ships stored up on hay I rarely use many of them.  

    As for our post I still think capital should be free for all players (shroud for the nations that shouldn’t be in game.) on top of you 8 and + one more that could be part of a DLC or special mission gift for total of 10.  Out post limits more tha casuals and econ/trade guys than the die hard PVPers that might work out of Freetowns more than anything.  I tend to use three for Econ 2 for main nation defense and three for fighting ports.

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  12. 10 minutes ago, Barbancourt said:

    Yes.  You start out with about 5 slots, and after spending money to upgrade your docks 14 or 17 is the practical limit, or 20 if you have more millions than you know what to do with.  You can get an extra 10 dock slots from a DLC.  Many people put ships on sale for silly prices as a method of "ship storage"

    When they changed stuff it went from like 25 to 21 you can have total.  Plus the 10 for DLC I think the max is 31.  I know I have 27 slots o. Most my chars and they have all but the last upgrade plus’s the DLC so 30 plus’s the one your in.  Though I could be wrong.

  13. 14 minutes ago, Draymoor said:

    Please bring back fleet missions to both the PvE and PvP servers, bad loot in the ship holds but good mission rewards. Small fleets (4-6) , medium fleets (8-12), large fleets (15-20), very large fleets (30-40?).
    I'm sure these gentlemen would be happy with that too. 

    you have fleet misssions, the more players that join a missions the more ships it gives out.  They just combined the solo and fleet to make them the same.  Oh and if your doing a misison that has you against two ships.  Every player that joins brings two more ships.  So if you have 5 guys it will pit you against 10 ships.

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  14. 14 hours ago, AeRoTR said:

    @Cmdr RideZ you have difficulty understanding what I wanted to tell. May be my fault. 

    Art of Ship handling will not tack your ship for you. These books have no value for players without experience and good knowledge of NA. Just like a 1st rate sailed by a noob is super easy target, instead of being the stongest ship, that ship is worthless. 

    Remember when they brought the Bucc into the game and every one for it free.  So many where captured that first week from folks going out under crewed.  Just cause you have something doesn’t mean you should use it. 


    Honesty i can live with the books being wiped.  I’m just happy with rank and ship knowledge slots.  Those took hours and hours to grind.  Books we can just get with new rewards and drops

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  15. 3 hours ago, BuckleUpBones said:

    Any nation around the Bahamas has an advantage, where there is alot of low rated NPCs, they can sail directly into, where else every other nation has to sail through a nation.

    That is what is good about it, as long as you have several nations in the area it's a nice melting pot for lower level and casuals to play in and not worry about great lost.  Specially now that the Requins are out of the PB's it is more balance for those players.  I have always enjoyed the bath tub toys a bit more than the big ships myself as it's more a fast paced style of game play.

    2 hours ago, Barbancourt said:

    "Farming and gathering" is not why we're here.  If the game does not deliver "naval action", but instead requires us to spend most of our time doing unrewarding "coast guard interdiction" the population is going to decline even faster than it already was. 

    May not be why you are here, but many folks come to this game to play diffrent aspect of it or they need to stop calling it a Sandbox.  Just cause some one else wants to farm and gather doesn't mean you should keep that from you.  Just like you shouldn't be forced to do that and your not.  You can get along in game just fine without doing any econ, trade or crafting.  Well might take you a bit as you will have to depend on others to do it for you, but no one is forceing you to do those things.  Just like no one should force PvP upon the players that want to do those things.  And saying go to PvE server if you want to do that....that than forces them to play only one part of the game.  I'm here to play all parts of the game I paid for.  PvP, PvE, Trade, Crafting, RvR etc......

    1 hour ago, Wraith said:

    The whole point is that the game shouldn't require you to do anything you don't want to do. You don't want to gather and get rewards that way, fine, go do some PvP and pay the gatherers to do it for you.  This is MMO 101.

    Exactly no one is or should be force to do something they don't want to, that is why I hate it when folks say, "IF you just want to PvE than go to the PvE server."  I'm sorry there is more to this game than just PvP.  RvR actually needs crafters and traders and support players if they can't see that than they are blinded by one play style.  No one is telling them they have to only PvE, but if some one wants to grind AI when they aren't PvP or doing RvR they should be able to in peace without worried if some one going to jump there missions.  Specially if they are in the fake "SAFE GANK ZONES"  as @admin once called them.   They shouldn't be forced to PvP just cause the gankers can't grow balls and go do stuff to actually get good PvP fights with each other.  I said it over and over you want a good fight go put a little hostility on Nassua, Little Harbour, Estros, Cart, San Domingo or any of the ports that are making big time money and I promise you will get fights.  They might not be one sided easy fights but you will get them.

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  16. @Banished Privateer We have a lot of great videos out there from the past but just about every one of them is out of date.  This would defently be a great thing for any of the content/streamer guys to start up doing for the game.  LIke go over each ship.  Go over each nation an general locations.  Things like that....where is @Jeheil as I miss his old videos just about hat is going on for the week.  Even though it's prettty dead right now cause they meniton those nasty words "WIPE" and folks just aren't happy right now, but it's the best time to get all this stuff ready for new players.

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  17. 14 minutes ago, admin said:

    @Christendom mentioned they were hitting mission bots

    He probably forgot that mission bots have bad loot tables for the last 12-18 months or even more. i dont even remember when it was introduced - but it was in the patchnotes. Hitting mission bots for loot is no better than fishing in capital waters. 


    When I did the circle around Bahamas and killed about 20 ships a small amount of them was mission ships (the kill a 6th rate to get the missions box), but the rest was trade ships and OW ships.  SO I id throw in a mix there.  OH speaking of missions ships, why do I still get freaking basic mods when fighting a 1st rate.  Basic mods should be for 5th rate and below loot tables only.

    I'm working all weekend so won't have a lot of time to play, but I'll try it again with both the H Rattler I'm trying to open on one char an the Christain (he is my only none RA char as he's Commaor an half way to RA.).   Maybe RNG just hates  me is all, it' s not like I have every had any goo luck with loot drops.


    I still think more mos an stuff should be in the Admiralty store than making it just pure loot drop chance.

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  18. 2 hours ago, RKY said:

    Interestingly enough I find your quote of what message to send, more questionable than liq's word. especially the "chill" word.

    To any native speaker his words are not offensive at all. however asking someone to chill can be demeaning.


    Did you consider messaging or warning him before perma ban? don't think you did.

    From my experience a lot of time (I been warn twice) it was done hours after the convo when it was not going on any more by some other moderator and not some one like @admin.  Both of mine was discussing about game mechanics with him and yes it got a bit heated, but every one I had read over my post over and over said I was no way toxic or abusive in any manor, but that is what i got warnings for (last one was a no point warning).  They don't care.....the fact my very first one I got a 2 week ban straight of the bat.  That is what the rules would state would be a repeat offenders punishment or if I did something truely bad like said threaten to do bodily harm to some one or something.  I petitioned to @Ink and he lifted it with just the point warning left. 

    Awwwww I see they changed it a while back.  There use to be like a stage system that would be mention things so like a 2 week ban was the fourth step.  This is the policy now.  We don't know what step gets you what any more cause it's a points system.....notice there is no list below any more.  @admin what is this list?

    Warnings and bans Policy

    The list below shows the structure of our warning and suspension policy. This policy may be bypassed completely in favor of permanent revocation of a forum user’s posting privileges.

    We use automatic point system and if you accumulate enough points automatic punishments will apply. If you believe you were punished unfairly send message to forum mods or admins explaining the situation. People can make mistakes.

    Additional warnings can result in a permanent ban depending on the severity of the case..

    This post is off topic, but I'll leave it and respond here.  There is still an escalation system that is very similar to what was originally on that post.  That system is in use most times.  We have always reserved the right to bypass that system and jump to a higher step when the violation was egregious, and we (the moderators) still do that on rare occasions.  In general, though, we just apply a point and move on, and through applying the point, the forum software automatically implements the action associated with the number of points you've accrued.

    - H. Darby

  19. 28 minutes ago, Celtiberofrog said:

    Question about release wipe:

    Which Map style will it be ? historical territories or mostly neutral regions ? or another style ?

    Will the final "start map" be discussed in upcoming RVR optimizations ? or is the choice already fixed today ?


    I'm not really a big fan of the neutral for all ports that every one rush for at the start of the game.  They should make them historically ports of that nation for all but one problem.....clan owner ship, it's the only reason for them to be neutral is so that clans can flip them and own them.

    Remember you will still have to fight the 6 AI to flip it, but that isn't to hard to just kite them away from the circles while others cap the circles.

    So with clan owner ship they will be more than l ikely neutral ports.

  20. @admin I know I brought this up before when the final release wipe happens. An we hav clan tags wiped too? I know folks want there tags and all but a lot of clan tags are held by dead clans.  You could handles this by given out a clan token.  So you can trade it in and open a clan up getting the active tags in place for the long running clans.  The inactive players will have to pick from what is left.  The token can have a one week expiration to it so it can’t be used months later to open up a clan.

    this will help big clans get set up fast when the game goes live to help support new and returning players and clean clan list of old clans not around any more.

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