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    Please add a functionality to sort clanlists

    We have a clan leader board that shows top ten clans. This will need to have fresh active info. This info will be given to new players. We don’t need bloated info of dead clans and afk friends or alts to confuse them. Every thing should be wiped upon release. Clean slate start over no mater what you or I think. If they are active you can just add them back to the clan or one of your officers it’s not that hard. Yah we brought up clan tax of say 0-50% of earnings from kills and missions. Say I set my clan to 10% every mission you do we get 10% of the silver you earn. This would only be PVP and open worked fights/missions. I wouldn’t have it include the mission pay outs you have to go back into port to redeem. we also need a few more levels of officers. Jr Officers can get things out of clan warehouse but can not touch the bank. Treasury position can only touch bank. Recruiters can add new clan members but can pull from warehouse or bank.
  2. You do know the kill count ones are for OW ships only. I don’t thinks missions count towards it. Though I could be wrong or maybe it’s hostility missions. I know it doesn’t work for one.
  3. Sir Texas Sir

    Please add a functionality to sort clanlists

    I'm also kinda bias cause when we merged servers EU's got to keep there clan tags an GLOBAL players had to make new clans. It wasn't exactly fair. Also the wipe happen they didn't wipe clans. Many stayed on one server or the other cause a clan was still there instead of moving. If we are going to do a clean slate new beginning lets have one. As you said if they been idle for months than they aren't active and you need a new clean slate. Not to mention it will give true numbers of active players of that clan at the start of the game release. I know clans with 200+ players, but hardly 5 of them log in any more. Would that be a true number of clan size on day one when you have 5 active members (prob half them one guys alt) but listed as having 200+ members? No it won't be so it needs to be a clean slate.
  4. Sir Texas Sir

    Patch 27 - Trading feedback

    Bet that was a fun trip, we done it in the past but that was when things where more active. We even called out the global guys telling them we where bringing unescorted trade ships around.
  5. Sir Texas Sir

    Please add a functionality to sort clanlists

    While it was put in alpha order at one time, the merg though messed that up. It needs a sort button for. When the game goes live we also need to wipe all clans to get some of the dead ones off that list. If they want to. Just no need to tie up clan tags that aren't needed. To be honest the clan UI stuff needs a lot of updating, but I take it this will maybe get updated later on
  6. Sir Texas Sir

    Question (looting system sucks)

    Though I get the reason for the last chance with players, I don't think it's fair that AI has it specially when they are sinking. It seems Marines (which they always have 20% of) effects there crews and surval so they pretty much always have 100% minus damage to ship moral and can instant board you even with most decks under water. I just turn it off for AI to not to be able to when they are half sunk or sinking. Also why does AI get all the board mods and never gets punished
  7. Sir Texas Sir

    Question (looting system sucks)

    I brought up to Admin about not allowing AI to boar when it's taking in water or sinking. Players should be allowed to but if you got all your crew in survival an trying to keep from sinking you won't have board prep up, unlike AI that never seems to be hurting on crew management with marines and survival going on it shouldn't have the board ready to do so. You had 700 crew out of 1000 which means you took damage and had prob a below normal moral. That is why he beat you, but it had to be really low to instant kill you in once shot. Do you have hammocks on your ship?
  8. Sir Texas Sir

    Patch 27 - Trading feedback

    Could this been a result of the Convey that was spoken of in this post? I know in the past we done this with Marsh Harbour and the shallows but took chars with 3-4 trader brigs loaded them up and took them to Charleston after sale off any goods in Marsh. It's not unheard of a trader running 3-4 ships, but you can get a clan to run a dozen of so ships to do such easly. Specially with server pop being very low right now you can run such fleets and pretty much do it risk free. Even if one or two guys get caught you prob still make more than enough profits.
  9. The old fix was lost of XP for damage, but it only took XP away from lower level chars. I don't want to to return cause being -1756 xp when your low level was not fun. It's just silly what folks go through cause the returns got to have been low, but if there is a will there is always a way....some one will try to exploit what every they can.
  10. Than don’t put a loot table on player controlled Owned AI. They should only drop mods if a player put them on them.
  11. Sir Texas Sir

    PvE Invasion Fleets (New Epic Event)

    You mean pretty much the treasure fleets wrecks? Every time I gone out there is about a dozen hunters trying to catch a trade Ship. Hell I use to go out in a board fitted purple marine LGV pre wipe just to hunt the hunters and if I got a chest or trade ship bonus. It’s bad enough they jump into normal missions and hostility and you have to deal with players while killing AI or wounded. This would just be worse. @Rickard I remember I was so pissed frustrated after the second one I deleted the port I had in the gulf forgetting my totally decked out Reno was in that port from the first one. A lot of folks where very pissed over all that for 5 chest and no one really PvP
  12. This why I brought up the reinforcements should be two ships one tier higher than tha attacker’s. Requin would be two random 5th rates. That would give enough fire power most guys can fight back or try to escape. Green zones should never be easy hunting grounds.
  13. Sir Texas Sir

    Grape does not reset timer

    This was a problem back when they had the coward perk, thought it got fixed.
  14. I guess there way of redoing resources is have it drop all over the place and not at constracted places? What the point of owning a WO or Teak port than? As for this patch not sure about why the friendly fire AI thing, it's stupid cause folks will just shoot at anything now thinking if it's friendly AI it won't count. NO don't like this at all unless you are only putting it over on the PvE only server. NO FRIENDLY FIRE FOR ANY SHIPS on the main server. FOlks need to learn to hold there shots and target the right ships.
  15. Hell half the time I"m giving them away cause I'm going through trying to craft a certain build for myself I just give the other ships to clan mates or sale them dirt cheap on the market. I'm sure others are like that too.
  16. Sir Texas Sir

    LGF refit

    Galleons' are way out ate if I remember right, though something big like that would be interesting. POTBS while it ha classes did give the Crafter/Traders a big cargo/combat ship. I wouln't even min if it was expensive to craft and under gun but with more carge, but something bigger would be nice. IT's the only way I can see a 4th rate or above as a DLC also.
  17. Sir Texas Sir

    LGF refit

    All trade ships should have 5 slots if they aren’t given to you free like the brig/snow trade ships. Min also with @Aster an iniaman refit would be nice and maybe one more bigger trade ship.
  18. Sir Texas Sir

    Basic cutters in patrol zone

    They should of done more like a fallback system POTBS had for when you where all out of ships. Only can redeem one when you had no other ships (war) in docks. I'm all for them not being able to enter others missions PvP/PvE either way, but honestlly if all they are doing is hitting PvE AI than you don't have to join them. You can tell it's a basic cutter cause of the BR for the most part. The folks I know that bring them do so to avoid the ganks of much bigger fleets to go get some marks from grining AI. They just happen to get player kills when folks jump in an think it's going to be an easy kill. I do believe if they ever balance out the zones it would not be needed cause some of the battles turn very quickly into a gank feast as every one joins one side and it's normally the bigger side from the start. You don't have to jump into his AI battle or tag his basic cutter.....but folks are greedy and want an easy gank so to avoid that is why some bring them. Fix the ROE in the ZONES and it should help with the avoiding gank mentality. Also I state again you don't have to join that AI battle after all.
  19. Sir Texas Sir

    Patch 27 - Trading feedback

    Those where never stocked by AI, they are woods you have to go out and get as a player or some one else does and sale. You want the better woods your going have to pay for it or take the risk.
  20. but this isn't a perfect world and we had to wipe and change things....honestly we should of done a bout a dozen wipes or more since it was put on Steam but the Dev team was kind to majority of the players that would of had a fit if they had to start over several times in the name of game development. I'm actually one of those against keeping books, ship knowledge slots where grind for, but if we do keep them we will more than likely get redeemable for them. When the last wipe happen I actually used this to switch some of my books around on my chars and I think I even gave a few of them to other clan members (now that I think of it was the merge not the wipe). There actually been a good number of games that has done this where the pre-order or testing team got the game a week or two before every one else as a head start. Though honestly what makes it diffrent than our test versionm and a live version? Them saying it's no longer in alpha? I think we need a wipe and go into BETA testing for a month or so since all the core basic mechanics are there. Do some tweeks and than wipe every thing for the release. Now if they do that upon release or if they do it a week or few before "OFFICIAL RELEASE." That is up to the Dev team. Either way we need a wipe to reset every thing and test the actuall econ and final parts of the game. Folks also forget we will have changes after release (tweeks to RvR System maybe a pirate system etc etc...). How exactly does it? Really this is a sand box and all it does is means one group has a head start of another group of players. As admin said it doesn't effect the guys that buy the game 3 months or 6 months later. Though I do think they need to make a stopping point of what is ALpha and than move on to a beta stage (any one new from there don't get pandora) and let us finalize the testing of the game and it's released. If they than say this is good enough and make the game officially live wihtout another wipe than it's really not going to change anything.
  21. Econ stuff and the map needs a wipe to test things for sure. We have ports that have been take with bad mechanics. Ports owned by pretty much dead clans. Time to stir the pot and do this now for testing. I’m all game doing a one month before release wipe where we get only what we get on day one of release. not every one will play that month but it would let us test out things. If all else do it like we did the test bed before last wipe. It was a mirror of the live server and we go a bunch of patch up dates to work out bugs until they did the big patch and wipe.
  22. AI trends to have all the best mods and no penalty to reload and other things that is effective when your full board spec as a player. The boarding thing about last minute change does not need to be changed. Some of us that have crappy pings have to go on the 2-3 second and not the 1. I lost a good number of actions I shouldn't have in boarding cause of the last 1-2 seconds ping. This from some one with only 120-130 ping. Now take into account some one from SEA regions that have 300-600 pings. I get AI has those perks cause even a player with no mods can just Attack/Broad side until the moral is down and than take the ship. The only thing I hate is it seems to have maxed out mods and no penalities to thins like reload and such. They also never run out of Double ball/charge/chain
  23. They could make another epic or even put them in them and have the Indiamans carry the loot. You can either bring your own and take the cargo or you can capture the ships and try to take them back to port. Though the missions are never close to ports proper of other nations so you have to go through enemy waters to get home and players can tag your group and try to win back the fleet ships. Prob would need chest that can't be put on normal war ships.
  24. There is nothing wrong with the Wappen, I know many a folks that actually use it effectivly in PvP. Now we could use a bigger trade ship in game that has a bit more cargo and maybe some guns than the Indianman.
  25. Sir Texas Sir

    Muskets, the new golden marines?

    But that doesn't matter if the other guy has no boaring mods or even just Barricades your going to rip them to pieces just using Cannons, this actually makes muskets usefull again I have one of those pikes and been wanting to do an Anit board beuild with them to test to see if it will disengage in 1 round with Axes, Barricades and 5 ringes is all you need, but if you don't have that I would get muskets or marines. I beat folks in fights or qucik disengage or just held them there even against guys with Marines cause of the barricades.