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  1. if we're limiting pirate ships shouldn't we be limiting the US to the constitution? Pretty sure it was the flagship and the heaviest frigate we built. non historical bias just means someone got outplayed in pvp and is crying about it. All the factions could band together to try to suppress piracy. >.>
  2. yep, but I'd love for coop boarding for grouped individuals to be added.
  3. yeah and the fact they arent affected by crew loss at all makes it a lot harder when you're trying to solo cap and are terrible at manual sails.
  4. Oh niagara definitely needed some halp
  5. Navigation is incredibly simple, get your bearing when you're leaving port sail till you hit land, look at your map till you find the terrain features you're near then figure out the direction you need to go. Unfortunately even in the real world land nav is a dying skill. I wouldn't mind being able to get an estimated time from a port to another port or something though.
  6. East India wasn't afraid to hand out letters of marquee lest their captains be known as pirates.
  7. Good clan, always have people running missions and helping each other out.
  8. The once a pirate always a pirate argument is pretty weak, considering how every nation handed out letters of marque...which was legalized piracy against other nations. The East India Company issued letters of marque so it's captains could take prizes without being guilty of piracy.
  9. The dev's have even chimed in, in more then one of the steam p2w claim threads and stated how its going to work.
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