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  1. I was to, I was in one of the outside battles trying to stop the brits from getting in. It turned into 0 brits inside the PB, when I went into a 12 v 1 that turned into a 20ish v 12 to by the time i got out, to 25 brits inside the port battle and 3 different other fights outside all involving 10+ brits. They fielded a large amount of players very quickly when we lost at Puerto Escondido. Simple fact is you can spin it as romantically or uncaring as you want but the pirates lost a lot of ships and 600k+ gold on flags for ports they didn't take. That's a loss, no matter how you try to spin it.
  2. That's not how I remember saint nicholas' port battle at all, with it being so close to the main pirate base of la tortue. Simple fact is the brit's did an amazing job of rallying her men to the call to arms.
  3. In a cutter against trader brigs with a well placed volley of grape I can take out 30 crew in one pass, so I'm not sure if you're saying it doesn't work or realistically that many crew wouldn't be in the back of the ship.
  4. 1. manual adjustment of sails 2. RNG/poor shot placement 3. rng/poor shot placement 4. force x mass = something 5. they dont 6. they do when moral hits 0 regardless of crew left
  5. Dalriaden

    Few Questions

    1. One Character per account, its that faction on all servers (for now) 2. Not at the moment possibly with the change later this week 3. not sure of the developer answer but you can always sail it to your outpost with all cargo then before logging teleport to the capitol outpost if you want. 4. wind speed is constant wind does a 360 rotation every 45-48 minutes i believe 5. Wind is at a local area level but not client. 6. No just your rank and experience. (unsure if crafting does.) 7. Any battle you join against pirates will put you on non pirate side unless you're a pirate. 8. unsure I'm guessing yes. 9. don't know
  6. Can I petition his royal majesty to promote me to my former rank due to my superior command and sailing abilities? If not I shall continue proving myself while drowning myself in drink and sobbing myself to sleep in my cabin.
  7. I'll live if they dont, would be stoked if they do, already halfway to rank 3 again but it'd be quite nice to be back in my cerberus as enjoyable as the snow is lol.
  8. If we changed nations prior to the patch and took the full exp loss will there be any chance of having it reinstated? Was able to recruit 3 friends to play naval action and one refused to go pirate so we changed to british, in doing so I lost all exp and was halfway through plunderer to rank 5. Would be amazing to get the experience back, I can suffer the loss of the redeemables as sad as it is. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/9563-upcoming-patches-this-week/
  9. ;.; changing nations after I recruit a new friend to play who refused to go pirate so myself and another friend rerolled british giving up our level 4's and redeemables to play with him. let me go cry now.
  10. The America she was given to the french upon completion. >.> The Pennsylvania was built late did nothing, was antiquated 20 years after design and was burnt to prevent confederate capture, but she was built so there is that. I guess we did have the independence class which would fit the time period. My American naval history is rusty, there's a reason i was a ground pounder.
  11. having french war ships sail past british warships or right into a british port at a time the two were actively at war doesn't make for good gameplay though.
  12. chat tabs are opened by clicking the + sign thats in a circle in the top right of the chat window next to the 4 arrows to resize it.
  13. and america never built anything bigger then the constitution, so neither should they.
  14. I had 450 or so drop in one port battle, could only haul like 50 of them however so the rest are now floating somewhere in the sea.
  15. So you're saying if you attack a pirate in a stolen merchant ship, his clan shouldn't respond appropriately? There's nothing stopping anyone from doing so other then how that individual/his friends/clan respond to it.
  16. If you play with friends/a clan then number one isn't an issue. If you're going for a cap and a random tries to steal it a team mate just slides in between them and interrupts the boarding.
  17. I reached that point when they gave me something bigger then a dinghy.
  18. Only being able to have one character/faction for all servers per account. -.-
  19. I understand the devs intent but at the moment when you can have someone targeted and be typing in chat which will decide you want to attack them, it seems kind of iffy. Honestly if I was in the middle of typing in chat and some random message popped up I'd probably just click on whatever to get it to go away without paying much attention. Also I think a mild fee for a chance to reset your character to neutral to choose a faction would be nice, I'd love to see what the other factions are like but I cant even create a different character on a different server much less the same one. Hopefully after alpha we can at least have characters on different servers (preferably the same one but, whatevs.) I'm at rank 4 now, halfway through and already redeemed everything but wouldn't mind seeing what it's like on the british/us side, not particularly because pirate is to tough (never will be if the redcoats don't get their act together) but would just like to be able to socialize and see what it's like, even if that means I occasionally hop on another server to do so. As for the fee for a faction change, it would help maintain servers/game development which is always a good thing, and while whales might be able to abuse it I don't think many people are going to go pirate everytime they have a bad day if it means a $10-15-20 fee. it could even have an increase in price every time you use it from pirate and stay the same if you're going from one nation to another.
  20. >.> I started a few hours after it launched on steam and I won a key on twitch and got all the redeemables, I know someone who started a few days after me and got them today. Perhaps something wrong with the script for rewarding them? Honestly the niagara pre patch wasn't that fun, not sure how it is post patch but I would recommend going snow/navy brig - cerb and skipping it completely. No idea about the renomee though.
  21. Just captured a trade brig, which by itself is not a huge deal, but it happened to have had 2 constitutions and a 3rd rate pulled into the fight as well. after capturing I switched back to my ship, ran and left the battle, only to find I had no trade brig to send to port. Would be nice if in the future we could put a crew on a captured ship to sail it to port for you, the disadvantage would be you are then undercrewed while having the risk of being stuck in combat, or your prize being attacked while going to port. I guess at the moment you have to win the fight to run away in your captured ship in this situation? Would I have lost a durability on my Cerberus if I had of ran away in the captured ship and abandoned it?
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