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  1. the increase to mission xp is a big step in the right direction imo. I do have to wonder if the increase for completed mission gold earned might not be to much but I imagine we'll find out and it can always be tuned if so, nice patch.
  2. Oh god I was losing guns left and right already, this should be interesting.
  3. She was launched in 1797 and prior to going into dry dock last year was the only US ship still in active service to have sank an enemy vessel. Also believe she was the oldest active navy ship still sailing in the world. Doesn't look all that "weathered" to me
  4. well I agree there should be an option to do this. It should also show up as an attackable AI until it arrives in said port, and it should take a portion of your crew to sail the prize back.
  5. A tax on cargo isn't going to make it less lucrative. a tax on cargo is going to be reflected in the buy price, you don't even have to have a basic understanding of economics to understand that. Imo the system is fine. you always run the risk of having people undercutting you while you're in bed and being out the deposit to place your contract and not making anything. You also run the risk of being stuck in this: If you're playing after using it, lol.
  6. We're working on it, still need to contract some more intrepid American captains seeking fame and plunder.
  7. I came out of a friends mission spawned into this:
  8. Simple, I take command of the trader and carry all the loot to my outpost then go hunt more.
  9. all they need to do is make people realize you can buy resources outside of Mortimer Town/Port Royal/insert starting city here. I've got a strong belief most of the supposed crisis comes from people not actually spending the time to sail to different ports learning what they produce, and taking advantage of that.
  10. pretty sure upgrade slots are a pretty good incentive to go with player made over npc made.
  11. Idk how people are having this many problems with missions, so peaceful where my clan lives at.
  12. why hold off with the future changes? play gain exp, when patch hits transfer to new nation find decent guild who will help you cap whatever level ship you need and carry on...
  13. A bump for an active in all timezone guild on EU - PVP 1, need moar americans for our timezone to do PB against the silly vikings in the south. Pm Fuzzyhead the Bearded, Wolfstar or Pam in game.
  14. If you're an American or Euro don't be afraid to join, we've got both roaming about and it'd be nice if we can get enough so we can be doing PB's during US, EU, and Oz prime times xD.
  15. I wonder how much of the economic argument comes because half or more of the damn population sits clustered around their main port and is afraid to sail out of sight of land?
  16. what exploit? pirates werent the only ones with bugged ports...
  17. Guys the game is young and in prealpha, europe could very well come later on as an expansion. that said the sail would be like 12+ irl hours lol
  18. Yeah. I think they hate me, they announce a change to nation changing after I reroll and take the full exp loss, and then they do this to iron after I find 300 units on the cheap, haha. Oh well it's a good thing in the end
  19. On a good pass I can take down 20-35 crew on a trade brig with a cutter once I take his rear armor out, so it's not feeling that way to me.
  20. I was halfway through plunderer to raider as a pirate before some long time gaming friends got the game and refused to play pirate, so I sucked it up lost my redeemables and experience and restarted as british on saturday. Back in a snow already. I do find missions a bit grindy, but when they start feeling grindy I start hunting traders, then I toy with them and get rid of their rear armor take their sides to half then grape the crew down and get decent exp that way. Personally I'm hoping they will add more mission types in the future, such as trade missions to move goods from one port to another, which will appeal to traders and they should be rewarding enough for the trader to be able to hire some player escorts.
  21. You can buy em off players quite a few are selling them. I prefer the snow myself but I was playing mine before the buff when it was fairly painful for an unexperienced person with manual sails to be using her. I did like it, I just love the followers on the snow
  22. I guess if I was a roleplayer I'd sum it as having to regain the crowns trust after helping myself to their traders. Ah well almost done with ensign and back to a lovely snow.
  23. I've captured many a trader snow in a cutter, it only has left and right facing top guns so you either stay ahead of their firing arc on the bow or you strafe its butt all day. Now if you're talking a normal snow then yeah it's gonna be a tad more challenging. Also I've claimed traders that I've graped to 0 without catching them.
  24. -.- went british to play with some longer term friends, was halfway to raider on saturday when I did, then they announced this, lmao. Oh well I'm having a blast being able to explore more ports and coast line.
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