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  1. As amusing as it is to hear him rage in ts, this is a rather game breaking bug that needs a fix asap. With teleport up its a 2ish hour sail from Port Royal to Bensalem, with it down it's a 3 - 4 hour sail back with the potential of losing durability on your ship. He's lost nearly 6 hours of game time today having to sail back.
  2. Land in battles is going to have a dramatic effect on gameplay, dunno how one wouldn't be excited about that. Think you should be able to get group missions against fleets, and some sort of trade escort missions in the future, but the news about land being implemented in battles is almost as exciting for this game as the planetary landing showcase for star citizen.
  3. Desolated? Good sir, we british attacked your ports that border ours in Haiti, I do wonder if you know what desolate means and if you may not just have taken a bath in sand and salt?
  4. This may also help those with injuries/disabilities depending on what they are: http://www.amazon.com/Stinky-Gaming-Footboard-Foot-Controller/dp/B00EOPT5ZS
  5. bit odd when you can fully man a connie you can fully man a 3rd rate as well.
  6. Renomee sits lower which always makes you a little hard to hit. The surprise is great but it has a really nasty lean that takes some time to get used to and makes it hard to shoot low ships like the Reno. That said I love my surprise.
  7. Hop in anytime, always welcome. We aren't a hardcore group where you have to be a certain rank to join or have x amounts of hours of playtime or mandatory days you have to play. We're pretty laid back, fun loving, and for the most part helpful. It's mainly aussies but a few Americans (like me) and Europeans so there's a 24 hour presence in game.
  8. I think it's a well intended mechanic that is, in its current implementation, terrible. A few Ideas I had about it: 1. Completely remove it except for the starting capital city or 2. massively reduce the range except around the starting capital city. or 3. as OP stated disable it for the port being attacked when the conquest flag goes up, along with immunity and invulnerability and all entry into the port until the battle is over.
  9. That's why people store their valuables in free towns.
  10. Pirate faction isn't mean to be easy that's why its labeled "hard." The important thing is changing the way pirates work in a way that makes for good gameplay for all nations not arbitrarily making it harder/easier for pirates/nations. One way would be instead of a port being accessible to the entire pirate faction they should be controlled by the clan that takes them with the option to allow allied clans access (needs a formal alliance system though)
  11. well the sextant wasn't invented until like 1730...
  12. considering this is around the time PVP 1 and 3 started hiccuping and downright crashing and burning i'd say your point is fairly moot. I attempted to join into a battle with 3+ third rates, it never loaded me into the battle and my ship was frozen in place so I alt f4d and attempted to restart and havent been able to get in since. Now i get to wait and see if my ship lost a durability or not in a fight I couldn't get into due to the servers having issues. If it did and I lost a durability it's going to be fairly lame.
  13. We've captured a third rate after it exploded.
  14. It happens to the best of games at release, considering we've made it 3 weeks with only this hiccup I'd say it's going well. Only downside is now I'm stuck not knowing if my ship spawned into a battle of 3+ 3rd rates or not and we had to stop on beating up on the US, lol.
  15. q.q guess i can update armored warfare but it's not as fun.
  16. EU - 1 is having severe issues. Cant join into battles, cant dock. I tried to join into a battle to help a clan mate and now I'm stuck at connecting to login queue.
  17. They could add a subscription later, voluntarily, like star citizen. nothing in the star citizen subscription gives you an advantage, nor is it mandatory, it gives you some silly display piece and lets you contribute for their 10 for the chairman/developer/whatever series. Whereas in NA they could let you dye your sails or something while adding the money to run servers/development. Quite frankly your point is moot, they can easily add an option without it being mandatory.
  18. A capture circle added a round the middle tower in Port Battles. It would become activated once all towers were down. Shooting attackers in the capture circle or having a defender in it would slow the capture (equal or more defenders stop it/reverse it.) this would force people to fight if they actually intended to defend a port instead of showing up in high BR ships then running to the 4 corners and making lunch.
  19. AUSEZ is a growing clan, that usually has a 24 hour presence in the double digits thanks to our make up of NA/EU/Aussie players. You can private whisper Pam or Wolfstar in game. Really helpful and you will get as much out of the clan as you put into it.
  20. That sounds like a defective card. My r9 295x2 is sitting at 51 right now, but in the summer when inside the apartment is around 26 celcius the card will get in the 70s range.
  21. I try not to judge, but if people can't afford .33 cents a day they're probably better off not spending $40 on a game to start with.
  22. Ever played battlefield 4 and battlefront? both released products that were utter shite because they were released early. Progress is temporary? Gold and crafting sure, they've said that numerously, repeatedly, on steam and here, so why are you complaining for not actually reading about something you're spending money on?
  23. Like the fact Bensalem is out of a 1627 novel, and apparently never existed? But I agree we should get historic instruments:
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