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  1. Are we going to lose all outposts and everything in them? will main capitals maintain the ships we store there?
  2. Annoys the hell out of me that you go from 350 - 650 crew and pretty much completely bypass the connie.
  3. Only fighting with the same methods being used against us. Thankfully this will be impossible with the new content update (hopefully it hits soon)
  4. You do realize you can delete your character and keep your level now to switch nations? They tied it all to steam for that reason a few days ago..
  5. Well you guys managed to do a lot with the 6 ports ya got down there, that's for sure. Really hope after the port reset Spain starts working together instead of apparently being their own biggest enemy.
  6. Because spain is the only country in Europe right? Oh wait plenty of other European players fighting the US and not constantly using timers as an excuse to fight the US. SLRN assisted with the US assault at Conttoy which was a defeat for the US and they had quite a few Brits in. I keep seeing this excuse, and its nothing more then an excuse. Part of the issue is spain had so many ports to start with which didn't allow them to set the times but ultimately, blaming time zones that more players in other factions face as well, is nothing more then a cop out. The bigger issue would seem to be spains inability to work together. You're disorganized and that will never result in a positive for your faction. The alliance thing would be cool and could solve a lot of the issues. SLRN and REA were/are allied but all a different faction can do atm is try to blockade and not participate in the actual battle. Personally, I think the problem is there are entirely way to many factions and one side is always going to be extremely underpopulated and therefore balancing will penalize larger nations. When I rerolled from pirates and was trying to decide what faction to play I was told Spain faction chat was nothing but Spanish same for the clans, where is the incentive for all of us from North America to play with a faction we can't communicate with? I personally think a faction cap should have been implemented from the start, but I can also see how that could have hindered steam sales. No one enjoys being forced to play in a faction they didn't really want or not being able to play with their friends because of a lock. Ultimately I think there needs to be some sort of incentive to pull players from other factions to roll Spanish/French . Hopefully though since its an Alpha people wont quit and the community and devs can come up with ways to balance the factions and hopefully even out the populations. Also what will happen with outposts that aren't in neutral towns?
  7. Definitely the best pb I've been in, Cuyo was fun but we were sorely outgunned for it, this was much more even but I'll be glad for the day undercrewing 3rd rates at Post Captain is no longer a thing (coming from a guy who was in one.) I'd much rather it be about tactics then battle rating.
  8. It doesn't sound like a whine and to be fair it happened to us when we attacked Cuyo, but all in all it was a great fight. I might upload my side tonight where you can see the main lesson is to never bring medium cannons to a line fight and 2-3 third rates attempt a mating ritual. Whoever was on top of me had me 98% of water which really would have helped you out but I somehow managed to survive and get out.
  9. Funny how people are pumping out trincomalees and constitutions daily and you're scared to craft because of what "might happen sometime in the future."
  10. Please bless my clan with at least one trinco bp:
  11. I love the surprise but hate her lean. Have had her at over 13 degrees before and thought I was going to capsize myself in a turn. -.- Optimized ballast really seems to do the opposite of what it says, from my experience in the surprise.
  12. Sweet, hopefully you got an invite already if not hit me up in game, Dalriaden the Greywolf. Glad to have ya
  13. Taking unsecured ports, leaving them with a spanish friendly timer and preventing the US from taking them is helping an ally, but clearly that is difficult to understand. Especially if the guild that did it had talked to the spanish guild(s) beforehand.
  14. We're still looking for more players from North America, Europe, and New Zealand (and I guess we'll take more aussies as well.) If you're looking for a fun relaxed guild that does port battles regularly or want to do the trading and crafting route you can hit myself, Dalriaden the Greywolf, Wolfstar, Wang, Fiskey, Fatherghonel, or Pam up with any questions you may have to see if we'd be a good fit for you.
  15. The British didn't stab Spain in the back. We secured our border facing the fact our allies didn't have the resolve or resources to protect their territory on their own and the US is encroaching into our interests. Furthermore, Britain as a whole is not allied or at war with Spain, every clan can play the way want and ally with who they want, same as any other faction. Good try though mate, maybe Conttoy will show some other factions the light and get their spirits up. (From all reports though, Spain does need to put personal differences aside and band together as a nation.)
  16. Why not? Britain just did it against the US earlier. As far as I can tell the Spaniards have never defended a single port and instead choose to claim that every timer is at 5 am and champion a cause on the forums instead of actually fighting in the game. What about when you lost 10 ports over Saturday while giving no opposition?
  17. Agreed, even if it means news of my crew's rescue from Cuyo is delayed and engaging the US on an even footing is slightly pushed back. Unfortunately we are long past the point of institution nationality locks to maintain an even footing, I'm beginning to think the only salvation for the spaniards is to contract thoseeager to fight for fame and gold.
  18. Was a lot of fun, we knew beforehand that the odds were against us but wanted to let you guys know your expansion was going to meet opposition, and to have fun, as well as gamble on the slim chance we could win. We had a decent plan just weren't able to implement as well as we wanted. Hopefully you guys fished my crew out of the drink and are treating them well.
  19. If they ever implement a duel system certainly be willing to settle this like men. ;p And we still need more from North America and Europe, our aussie clan is infested with aussies.
  20. You might want to let the American's know that, think they've taken 10 ports with little to no opposition today.
  21. Is there going to be a refining of crews/levels so there's a point to manning the constitution instead of just jumping from a belle poule/frigate straight into a third rate completely bypassing the Constitution?
  22. out of the 118 in our clan, we have 1 that I know of.
  23. We still have room for more, especially some more of us Americans. Great guild you get out of, what you put in. We could especially use some more of us from the US/Canada side of the pond.
  24. The same historical background that see's Constitutions in British French and Spanish fleets? Or made up towns like Bensalem?
  25. He wasn't actively teleporting. The first time it happened he clicked sail out of bensalem, it teleported him over to pirate territory. The second time the same thing, the third time he got boarded by a 3rd rate and had his ship taken like a noob when we sunk the third rate he exited the battle and it teleported him and his frigate to pirate territory, then once he clicked sail out of the pirate port he was in it ported him to a shallow pirate port again.
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