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  1. Zerg in a game where battles are limited to 25 on each side? If you cant defend a port because of a blockade it just means you failed to plan properly when it came to port defense and don't deserve it.
  2. Their "commonwealth" can't even fully subdue the conquered, what does Britain have to fear other then the chance of internal strife destroying this so called commonwealth before having the opportunity to hear the song of fully winded sails and the roar of cannons and men? My hats are off to the Drunken and all who refuse to bow to tyranny and stand tall in the face of an overwhelming force, some of us in Britain eagerly await for news from these brave sailors and plot ways to render assistance.
  3. Unfortunately the generation that is to lazy to eat cereal because it has to wash the bowl and spoon is now in college and old enough to buy games. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/02/23/this-is-the-height-of-laziness/
  4. Since all of those can be filled by his clan tactics let me quote you some norse sayings: 16. A coward believes he will ever live if he keep him safe from strife: but old age leaves him not long in peace though spears may spare his life. here's another: 8. Happy is he who wins for himself fair fame and kindly words; but uneasy is that which a man doth own while it lies in another's breast http://www.pitt.edu/~dash/havamal.html
  5. No one I know is mission hopping, it's much faster and easier to grind fleets.
  6. Once again nowhere did I mention a formal agreement, I understand that as a pirate a good education is hard to come by. Quite frankly in this game there is no such thing as a formal agreement and I trust no one outside of my clan as far as I can throw their ship and fully expect each and everyone to do what is best for their interests.
  7. p doesn't work for me. The only way i can take screenshots since the last patch is through steam.
  8. Sweden could always ask to hire some allied nations flag captains to man third rates to help them ;p
  9. Dude I haven't done missions since before post captain. My clan and I farm fleets of 3rd rates. EXP wise it might be a little faster to knock out missions with 2 guys, but fun wise fleet fights are always different and i don't mind raking 1200 exp for 30-40 minutes of fun. I do agree we need more mission diversity. Would be nice for group missions to have you fighting small fleets from level one, maybe trader escort missions, bounties, even chains where you get a quest ship report letter sending you in search of x npc. However this was mainly to address your mistaken idea that there was only one way to level when you can level by hunting npcs, and doing pvp. Are you new to game development? It's a small dev team, and if one is out with the flu and they ran into unexpected bugs which is likely it could delay the patch.
  10. So...like I said working with the brits, I didn't say a formal pact, lol, but...Good job at Saint Nic.
  11. Pirates seem divided to me if you have pirate clans working with the Brits to fight the US and then a pirate coalition to fight the brits, but meh pirates. Kind of highlights why pirates need some changes to how they work as a faction.
  12. the belle poule has like...4 masts in its hold lol.
  13. Hopefully npcs wont be able to sail through land, like they do when pathing around bensalem.
  14. Really tiring seeing the timer complaint when I've seen plenty of Euro players fighting at american timers.
  15. The affair is far more sordid then you can imagine And I think the US forgot to inform the Pirates their advance was halted.
  16. While I agree bashing someone based on their sex should be punishable, I personally don't think how a troll saying you aren't one qualifies as that, that is what the ignore function is for.
  17. kinda think a prize ship should take some crew to sail back. Would make for crew space being a more useful addon, could send the prize ship back with a minor crew and continue fighting or have to dock up and recruit more crew. ultimately though I think people need to remember this is a game and the focus should be balanced fun gameplay more then hardcore realism.
  18. Oak may have more hp but I've found oak gets destroyed compared to my teak ships. maybe it's because teak ships turn faster and I'm able to avoid/bounce more shots that way but in my experience using the same ship made out of the two, the teak performs far better. I've been seriously wondering if the teak and oak armor ratings were bugged and switched for awhile now.
  19. Its strange how the timezone isn't affecting the EU players in other factions. I think the Spanish leaders need to hold an after action report on what exactly was the strategy and where it went wrong and make a come back, which is more then possible, especially after the reset in the future.
  20. and like I said, they haven't mentioned an exp wipe, they said a port reset, so I have no idea why exp wipe was even brought up.
  21. and haven't said anything about one?
  22. Tired of playing PVE? Low pop server? An American looking to alternate our timeline? Or a Canadian still loyal to the crown? We need you! 24 hour presence looking for more from Europe and North America (but all welcome) laid back guild. If your thing is trading and crafting, pvp, or grinding fleets the size of a port battle for experience we have a place for you.
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