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  1. Ok Im with Slim on this To be realistic, the game must allow a equal reaction. Sure its a exploit, whos not to say to label TDY and there ports as rebels and treat them as such? instantly locking there assets in other US ports? Now their ports and assets switch over to their clan as a "new" nation. until it surrenders. Or they can conquer the entire nation if they want. As for alts, when they do such things, they can only command 6th rates and smaller, with no fleet. Cannot buy or sell ports and ships while in ports. Just forced to do there "job" spy. And when a allied vessel gets in close enough range they can discover said player is a spy. Why make these fictional limits, make anything possible, a equal and opposite reaction from any perspective I might say. Except that brig beats 1st rate AC @#$%, not here.
  2. iR_Willow

    PvP desperately needs fixing

    I say before we think about tieing the economy to the players, we need to think about if there are enough players to support the economy continuously to thus encourage reason to pvp. Finding a ai venture is far easier than finding player ventures, and there easier to board, and not escorted, and cant radio for help. Thus is far more profitable, save for pvp marks.
  3. iR_Willow

    Ships Heeling

    I haven't sailed in a trinco in ages, however on a broad to beam reach my teak reno heels up to 15 degrees
  4. As a US player who is stationed in japan and barely get a pb at a decent time, I have no sympathy for you. Wonder if AI were more aggressive and smarter where they can join pb's, screen, and attack players this can bring more challenge or a fighting chance.
  5. Get a fast frigate or normal lynx/prince and trade with that, watch your speed tho
  6. iR_Willow

    A nightmare for casuals

    I am fine with just sailing my frigates and single eggs and bacon. Because I enjoy them, so do my single mercury and prince, before that I enjoyed the brigs, snows, and lynx. The grind doesnt exist to me, I got want I want, I sail and rove as a I please. This is a patient game and many new players look at it like world of warships. Just another stepping stone... However to know this game one must know the ways to make gold. A basic tuturial will help for gameplay and should highlight Hell I'll highlight some basic ways to make money, it requires patience tho. Fishing, trading, privateering should all be your first steps to make money, a fir lynx will serve you well and do not linefight when hunting merchants. New players should focus on hauling resources, fishing if there afk in the middle of the open ocean, and learning combat bu disabling and capping traders. I had many a good plundering for just ai brigs, snows, and ventures in my mercury. Once a venture did turn to fight, denying me of the usual chain and rake method. He boarded me and halved my crew. In the process I escaped and he ran aground. took 30 minutes to lower is crew to 30 to my 66 throw rake throw the bow, twisting and turning to avoid his broadsides. The point is, there is no grind to this game but to enjoy yourself and sail as you please, besides those fat SOL's are used for port battles and large engagements, frigates and smaller is where the action is.
  7. iR_Willow

    More and longer smoke from the cannons

    I frequently use smokescreens once I saw spaniards using it to escape. Especially good for trying to hide your mast.
  8. I for one would like to cap up to Reno's, cerb, and surprises. As schooners, cutters, brigs, and light frigates all make excellant privateering/freelancer ships and not dedicated warships unlike conni's and thirds. Or have the Age of Pirates/sid meirs pirates capturing crew percentage system in the game. As a plus would love to send capped traders to port with there cargo so I don't fill my hold. With all the buffs ai got now, capping is a challenge.
  9. 1 leaks - I would just like to slow down the leak a lil. The massive ramming leaks would only make sense if we all had rams. But this isn't the a trireme mmo or black flag so meh. 2 Pen and dmg - I don't have a strong opinion yet, I don't see a problem. 3. AI - You do not buff ai by giving them better rng aimbot, armor, and damage. this isn't a fps. you buff there ai. 4. NPC combat ship capping - I enjoyed capping npc ships, but I believe two solutions. 4-1 - All npc combat ships up to the BR of surprise and reno can be capped and kept by the player. 4-2 - Any ship captured results in a crew penalty. A prize crew is removed from yours and transfers to theirs, much like a 75% to 25% thing. The prize ship is temporarily added to your fleet. Meaning it will be less combat ready till you take her to port and find out what you want to do with her. Capped that 3rd rate? You don't have enough crew to man her after the boarding? Too bad.
  10. iR_Willow

    Define PVP

    No I'm staying. Besides when the world is against you, it makes you think. Oddly enough, it supports teamplay.
  11. The fix should be players using cooperation and wits not some patch to hold there hands.
  12. iR_Willow

    Remove 1.5BR anti-gank programming

    michael you stole the words out of my mouth with the first paragraph. anti-gank is anti-strategy imo. Oh what because you got jumped by a larger force you expect a fair fight? lol no naval history is filled with unbalanced matches. This game is not a game, it is a sandbox. Anything is possible. If you want to continue anti-ganking it, than make it the new age of sail matchmaker like wows. I've been on both sides of the fight. Either run if my charge is useless or charge in hoping to cause a distraction. My clan outnumbered others before and we took no shame in jumping them. We fought equal battles if they appeared. Come on it's not like blockades did not actually happan.
  13. iR_Willow

    Economic Effect from the 9.7 Patch

    Good idea. No seriously good idea, not being sarcastic. I want to see how hard it would be to get back up to the standards they set. Grind level may have been dropped (to my dismay) but sure is harder with convenant fleet hax ai, can't cap and sell ai combat ships, random battle fleets everywhere. etc Don;t forget where you came from basically.
  14. iR_Willow

    Define PVP

    I would like the game to be harder imo such as All ships have one durability. Any ship crossing the battle path can join. In order to cap a ai or player ship, you sacrifice a portion of your crew to sail her back to port. Crew Morale and mutiny. Hiring crew and keeping there numbers up. Officers who can be sent to command a ship, however a player can command so many ships. Officers and crew have different nationality's from where you recruited them, thus adding to how they see you as a captain. total freelancer experience Battles in storms Storm damage The Kraken A tavern Rum whiskey (already been hinted that offciers with different skills maybe a thing) Shallow, medium, and deep ports. With the restriction going down to shallow ports, meaning a brig can enter all battles, a frigate can enter only medium and deep, 3rds and above can only enter deep. Run aground. Exp for raiding ai and player traders. map ai from warband brig with bow chasers(brigantine?) Diseased ports/crew/ships spyglass Flags on open world for ships Ability to remove your national flag and put up another. More merchants and troop ships to take ports faster during a siege. swivels marines using muskets during naval battle fire ships Merchants travelling in convoys(lone ships all the way up to a rare treasure fleet) after ai is fixed, give the ai the ability to switch between ball, chain, and grape. distract you enough? Also balanced pvp is for those rooms at port. Not open world, don't bring that here in no man's land. All rules go out the window on the open seas. This is sandbox, not matchmaker.
  15. But pirates and privateers are against the economy, our trade be damned. Ship ain't free if you gotta fight for it.