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  1. My last info was, that the release is around march and at that time the last wipe would prolly happen. I checked every now and then, if NA got finally released, but it doesnt seam so. When is the release planned, or better, when will the last wipe happen?
  2. Thats the only reason i started this thread. I want to know if there will be another after the next, or if probably there will be another. So if there will be another, or only probably, i like to know when the release might be. I dont need the excat date of release, but something like in 6 month, or 12 or whatever is enough for me.I only like to avoid that i have to contact regulary ppl to ask or to read through all patch notes in the future. I dont care If people still dont believe in the next assets wipe, nor do I want to discuss this topic. All i wanna know is in the upper sentence to read. Anyway Iam sure that at the end of the day everyone will know about the upcomming assets wipe.
  3. Theres no reason for me to play untill the last assets wipe. Actually when i would continue to play I would loose a lot of my time for nothing. Its no fun to work towards a goal, that will wiped away.I cant be happy with something new that i will loose anyway without beeing responsibly for that and even in pvp idc anymore if an enemy would loose a ship in a battle, because ye... That doesnt mean that Iam a cry bitch as soon I loose a ship in battle, without that feature i wouldnt play that game. But dont misunderstand me, if you ask me I would recomment to continue that game and test every feature they will implement in that time.Because NA is a great project and I will have a lot of fun in the future with that game, like I had before.But my friends and I decide to stay away untill the last wipe. @Twig: And a Admin said yesterday that there will be one, pretty enough official for me.
  4. Iam not talking about the upcomming port wipes. I dont know where it is written that there will be an assets wipe, but a guy in global Chat with a coloured name (dev, admin,mod?) said yesterday that it will happen in 3+ month and some other players confirmed me that there will be an assets wipe, so i believe its also written somewhere.
  5. When me and my friends heard before a few month, that there will be a port wipe, we decided to stop playing and waiting for it, because we saw no sense in waiting hours for PB timer for ports that will wiped anyway later. So i asked since that every few weeks Naval Action Players if the port wipes already happened. Before a few days i heard finally that the upcomming conquest changes includes regular map wipes, which meant for me that it would pretty silly to wait any longer. I started again playing, made some progress, just informed my friends that they should play again and then i got the info about the Gold/Ship wipe that will come in 3+ month. Iam not in the mood to start asking in 3 month every few weeks for probably some more month, if that wipe had already happend, so Iam asking now if theres another wipe after that (probably before release?) and if its so, when is the release of the game?
  6. Das System wird umgestellt. Es wird sowas wie Seasons geben. Es wird möglich sein die Weltherrschaft an sich zu reißen, wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe. Danach wird die Karte resettet. Ich gehe davon aus, dass es mit Belohungen einhergehen wird. Also ist es eher unwahrscheinlich, dass die Karte am Ende genauso aussieht wie jetzt.
  7. Ich denke damit ist gemeint, dass mit Einführung des neuen Systems die Karte gewiped wird. Der Karten-, bzw. Itemwipe ist schon länger angekündigt.
  8. Iam not that much into crafting, but i think the 2 days are needed to get enough labour hours to craft the ship alone. Which means he has to buy a lot of pre crafted stuff or he needs some ppl that provide him with the pre crafted ressources. Which lets me guess that its more like 5 ppl (idk) that can craft 1 ship in 2 days. And dont forget that the basic ressources need to get produced and hauled to the right location. I have no idea how much time is needed overall, but i guess its alot.
  9. Prolly your ISP has done something to improve your ping? idk I only can say, as a german guy, that the ping is and was (at least for me) very good and constant. I got a ping of 10 and less.
  10. Actually I dont see a problem with 1st rates. because it seams like that a few nations dont have much 1st, or 2nd rates. E.g. the spain used to throw only trash into port battles. Lately they got somehow a full first rate fleet, but I believe,when we kill that fleet, we wont see that much spanish high end ships for a while. Another example: Iam able from today to use a 1st rate ship, but i think it will take a few weeks for me to get one. So lets say, ill get in like 2-3 weeks a first rate. Chances are high that i have to use it at the first day for a port battle. Probably i will loose it then and have to wait again some time. I dont want it easy or more easy to get a 1st rate, but i cant say that its actually too easy, or a fast task to get one...
  11. Iam doing far more solo pvp than fleet pvp. Iam sometimes in battles like e.g. 1vs4 and sure ill die if i dont manage to flee. But i dont whine afterwards and iam not even annoyed that this battle wasnt even. My best solo fight i had was me vs 6. They came from all sides and it was a great and intense battle. I was sure that i wont survive this and I didnt, but i did not gave up and fought to the bitter end. That was so much fun!
  12. Please no BR rule. Other pvp full loot games doesnt have rules like that, and thats good so. From the start of the Project NA till the end of it, you will have to deal with a zillion request´s of guys who will whine to the eternity and back, because they have problems with griefing, ganking and finally with pvp and dying in general. Those requests are usualy from ppl, who will later die in their 1st rate and prolly never touch the game again, or at least pause for a few days, because they like to shoot stuff, but cant handle to die.
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