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  1. Servers went down about 5 to 10 minutes ago. Was playing but got dced
  2. I do agree. It is rather annoying that i can't see my groupmates sailing after a battle.
  3. It's nice to see rules being enforced. But knowing a few of the chatbanned people i am totally confused. A decent amount of them are very nice people. Helping others constantly. I could not imagine any of those people personally attacking people over chat. I really think that there needs to be a system in place to atleast tell those people (over e-mail) why they have been chatbanned. A fair amount of the people that were hit by the banhammer have no clue at all what they did wrong. And that is seriously not the "denying fase of a rulebreaker". The few i had a talk with honestly don't have a clue why they got banned in chat and for how long. They have not been warned in any way or form. Again enforcing the rules is a good thing. But giving people a feeling they got randomly banned is not a good thing. Not now and not for the future of this game. So i ask the developers, admins and mods to find a solution for this. It should not be that hard to setup a system that sents out an automated e-mail to the person that gets a ban and explains him why. and for how long.
  4. I must have been dreaming then when our squad went out and sunk 16 spanish players in 1 battle.....without any losses.
  5. Ok.. let me then add to their achievements that while they were ganking a person that stayed behind we had a fight against about 20 spanish. Result: 0 losses 16 spanish ships sunk, 4 escaped Maybe next time they should jump into the fights to support their fellow spanish ships. They might would be able to get a few kills on us if they would have turned the battle into a 30+ spanish against 20 US
  6. A what? 15 to 1 Gank near Key West. While the rest of our group was fighting in a 20 vs 20. Don't understand how you dare to boast about ganks.
  7. I do not agree. If i do practise fights with someone i know from for example the US or Danish nation i will fight him a lot. I am trying to improve my skills at that point, i will get xp and money. But i did not have the intention to farm. I just want to have some fights without losses and improve my skills by learning from another player that is actually a friend of mine.
  8. I would like to know what about practise fights... I know lots of very good players on different sides from another game (POTBS) I would not mind meeting them somewhere to have practice fights. I know a decent amount of them would improve my skill. But according to this i have to kill them and can't do those fights without the kill. It would make me a damagefarmer since i would get xp and money but no kills. What about arranged pvp fights? In POTBS there were tons of people arranging fights. And because of respect of the opponent you didn't kill him. Even in general adhoc pvp fights people choose to let enemies sail away when the fight was pretty much won. Don't forget this is a social game also. The diplomatics, respect for your opponents, etc. In my opinion in no way this is the propper solution for damagefarming. You take away a part of the game that does make this game very fun!. So i would love to see a responce from devs on this.
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