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  1. Been there, done that. First three hours of the game, in a cutter.
  2. Then let's give XP for visiting PORTS, not just for sailing. That atleast takes some skill. You really think someone could go AFK while trying to hit the... "Neutral Port Beside the Pirate Capital"? (I don't know if that even exists, but it's more of a blanket statement.)
  3. I was just about to say; Even if it's only 50exp, the Exp from a single Cutter being sunk, it's a one-time thing. That's 20 Ports to go from Midshipman to 2ndLt (1,000exp), You won't make rank solely by exploring, but it's a good reward and incentive!
  4. I'd love this. I'm not really good at combat, and I'm terrible at being a Merchantman. However, I absolutely LOVE exploring! In less than an hour of being in the game, without any kills under my belt, I decided to make the sail for Bermuda from Swannsborough (2 hour trip IRL). I'm an explorer at heart and I'd love to take the challenge of sneaking behind enemy lines to find the neutral ports down in the Caribbean!
  5. Is there a possibility of putting Bar Shot into the game? Specifically for use against Masts? We have chain but from what I've been told it's near useless against masts.
  6. Oh God. D: You can't be serious Thrudd! I'm afraid to touch my Niagara, because I don't want it to break!
  7. I have a question, Admin. I primarily play on the PVE server, but I'd also like to get into PVP on occasion. I realize that the redeems are one-use-only, unlike the yacht, however will I be able to redeem them on both the PVP and the PVE server? Or just a single server?
  8. Wow, above Homeworld! That's freakin' awesome!
  9. I look forward to seeing the game flourish!
  10. The PVP server has been down since I joined. Will I be able to create a character on PVP before time is up?
  11. 1790! D: Revenue Cutter Service! AWAY! *Leaps off the dock heroically, bellyflops into the water about five feet short of the side of the cutter*
  12. YESSS! GENTLEMEN! BEHOLD! NAVAL ACTION! > All shall fall before the itty bitty might of the Revenue Cutter Service!
  13. Is it too late now to recieve a steam key? I purchased a copy yesterday around 1800 ES, and all the guides said that I should expect a key by 1800 Kiev time today, it's now 2100 and I haven't received it. That yacht looked pretty, too.
  14. Forvet


    Hello, All! I'm Forvet and I love old sailing games. History in them goes back to "Pirates! Gold", leading through games like the "Pirates of the Caribbean" on the Xbox, to more recently Pirates of the Burning Sea. While I am not 100% sure how games like that will transfer over to this game, I'm sure I'll be able to find the correct tack eventually. I originally saw this game last year, around the time I believe PC Gamer or MassivelyOP did an article about it (I might be mistaken.) But it was around the time the Constitution had first been revealed. However, it seemed so far from Closed or
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