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  1. Lobottomie

    Vedmed Map

    I meant to have a history line of your real sailed course over time. I would allow color to be set up by the user in the options.
  2. Lobottomie

    Vedmed Map

    Is it possible also to have a trail from where u started being drawn on the map. Also is it possible when u have waypoints they clear when u close enough for changing course to the next one. Maybe with a bell sound or so.
  3. I think that a crew cost for the game is really good. I just have one remark for any system in whatever way they want to implement it. The system needs to assure that the loss of ships and thereby the loss of crew for each player needs to be relative between whatever ship u loose. It would be very unfair to a player that has one dura because he is in an santi to loose 1080 crew while a 5 dura snow (already sunk 4 times = 480 crew) only looses 120 crew. The loss for both need to be in relation to each other. Also a full ranked player can play all day in snows and loose 1100 divided by 120 times 5 = 45.8 battles (times sunk) A player on rank with 120 crew can only loose 5 battles and he is done for a certain time. I think the proposed system should be checked so that this won't be the case.
  4. +1 with the addition of having 3 types of access. Full, clanshop (capped limit) , crafter (prizes with limited withdrawal against available players crafing hrs).
  5. I support the idea of having per shipyard level a slot just like the upgrades area in the warehouse. The ships u build are stored there. That way u can travel to where u want to sell the ship. And still be going back with the ship u traveled. This also allows for more shipyard buildings so u accumulate more spaces to fill with ships and more bonus to crafting. You can only take a ship out of it for selling/trading purpose or putting it in the dock for usage by yourself. And u can't put a ship back in there yourself. That way it won't become a storage center of already used ships.
  6. Hello Hugo. I notice that the brig and navy brig are missing on the spreadsheet. Is there a reason for that?
  7. If a basic cutter is there then that's that. Just make sure that when u sink in a basic cutter u spawn back at your nations capitol. It is a bit iffy going with 25 basic cutters against single players in enemy waters just to spawn at nearest free port (mostly right around the corner) to get right back into the action again. Just my 2 cents of tought.
  8. Actually i think it would be the other way around, the more ports that need supplies the less is available. Yes, conquering towns that have/generate supplies is ofc best way to gain momentum. But on the other hand having more ports is also straining the total supply stacks your ports have/generate to keep them supplied. This can actually bring the regional capitols in on the chain with a better definition in the process. Keep a capitol cut off and slowly a string of surrounding ports are not able to be fully resupplying themselves or other regions because of the cut off.
  9. I like your idea and for me it's not quite nailing the problems with the port capture system in general. The current system actually favors the players with higher levels fielding better ships. It leaves lower ranking players out if it. They even tend nowadays to not wanting them in battle because of the BR rating. I would like to suggest another option for a port capture mechanic. Redo the port capture timer into a level meter for supplies that the port currently has that updates every hour. I mean supplies that are not currently needed for building like fresh water, food, or something similar. Have a port tab like called nation to view all ports currently owned by nation and show Have players getting admiralty missions for attacking enemy ai supply convoys of a town nearest to them. Make it that player also can attack random supply enemy ai fleets that are normal for supplying the ports Allow defending players in the area also to defend the ai fleets. once the port supply is disrupted enough to fall below a certain level the port comes open for conquest until level is back up high enough to close again. When this happens u can have admiralty supply missions from nearby friendly towns be generated to have players go for manual aid. These can also be intercepted. When the flag is created have a mixed setup of predetermined shiptypes for the capture fleet be setup of wich the flagcreator can choose. Fleet with flag stil has to travel to the contestable town to start the port battle. Defence fleet composition should be based on BR rating of attacking force allowing defenders to field a good response if they have the numbers. Everyone wants a good fight and not just see 3/5 towers undefended and do 2 volleys drive-by sailing for 15 mins. I think this gives all players in the nations to have a fun time helping at any rank making a port capturable and defend it.
  10. As is defending a lonely capitol and calling it a nation?
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