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  1. Returned to NA after at least 1.5 years of absence and I have to agree with the OP. The game seems to be in hiatus and waiting for the bitter end. Maybe the Devs should just pull the plug. It was a noble effort, but it did not work out good.
  2. Ah, okay. Thank you Cap`n. o7
  3. Hello fellow sailors. After a really long time I decided to play Naval Action again. Now I have a question. On my starting cutter are some standard cannons. And it reads "Lower Deck [8-10] / [8-8]". What do the numbers in brackets mean? I really can`t remember. Thanks for all answers.
  4. Habe schon seit einem Jahr nicht mehr gespielt und dachte "Na warte mal bis zum Release". Gibt es irgendwann einen Release?
  5. Well, it is almost Sunday and I guess some of you guys will be watching. Who do you think is going to win? My bet is on Denver, although I would like to see Carolina win, since they never did so far.
  6. If Teleportation is to stay in the game I would like to be able to chose, whether I want to Teleport to the Capitol or one of my Outposts.
  7. He already said in another thread (this is the third one btw) that ramming is a common tactic, so he did it on purpose. Which counts as trolling / griefing in my eyes. But hey, let`s let him start another three threads whining about this issue.
  8. He did, you can see it at 4:50. Although TK`ing is wrong, Nimitz simply had it coming.
  9. Well, I said I sank merchant ships, so I did not write "Traders XYZ" in the chart. My bad.
  10. A few days ago I got to crafting level 8, meaning that I was able to build a Brig. Unfortunately I was still Junior Lieutenant with roughly 900 XP missing for the next level. Hence I decided to craft a Pickle and make a small journey. Here the route, which started at Key West counter-clockwise. I think it does not come as a surprise, that I did not manage to make a full lap in one day. Or two days. And, of course, this was not just about sailing. I also intended to sink all single merchant ships I encounter. When I returned back home just now, the result was as follows: 25 ships. Not too shabby. So what is my rank now? Well, I am still Junior Lieutenant and 140 XP apart from the next promotion. Considering the amount of time spent on these 25 encounters and that 25 successful missions would have generated a lot more XP, I`d like to say that those people who simply sail around instead of grinding missions are at a decent disadvantage. Surely, maybe working as designed and intended, still I find this rather peculiar in a sandbox game. Greetings
  11. +1 Say, do I know you from the World of Tanks/Warships forum? Your name and avatar seem familiar.
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