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  1. ahahhahahah man your the best this hole time i thought it says swiffness untill i looked close and it said stiffness ahahahahhaha
  2. Come someone please tell me what is Swiffness whats it do? That would help i looked through the forums and did not find anything so this might help other people out as well. Thanks
  3. Good job guys thanks alot! keep the game moving on its so dam amazing.
  4. Im getting the same thing as well my account is locked. Has anyone told you guys how to fix it yet or no?
  5. So I normally play on PVP U.S two server. Well today i jumped on the PVP UK One server to say hi to some friends and then i jumped off to make dinner then i got back on trying to get on to PVP U.S two server and it says "Account Locked By Shard "PVP One EU" - Please try again later or login there." and now its been about 30mins and i still can not get in so how can i get this fixed? Thanks if you help.
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