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  1. Babble

    The Road Map (Sections 13-14)

    Not at all mate. I wrote these around March of 2016 as a series of suggestions for the devs. They got little no no attention for months. For some reason I am not quite sure of they were stickied by the devs around June. I am not in anyway shape or form a DEV. Nor do I have any information as to how they feel about these suggestions or why they were stickied.
  2. Babble

    The Road Map (Table of contents)

    I would have no way of knowing. I am in no way affiliated with the development team apart from purchasing their product and providing suggestions to try and improve it.
  3. Babble

    The Road Map (Table of contents)

    I posted all of this stuff months ago. Its interesting to me that its now stickied when it went vastly under the radar when i posted it all.
  4. Babble

    The Road Map (Table of contents)

    A pre-determined period of time or set of qualifications that need to be met before the map is reset and a new period begins. By resetting the map once a nation "wins" RVR it prevents nations from being completely steam rolled and the player base leaving. There is a sense of well we can always try again next round. Instead of the never end ass kicking we currently have.
  5. The Devs need a road map something along the lines of this > http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/12696-the-road-map-table-of-contents/ In my opinion you decide where you want to go. then you go there. Once your there you review what works and what doesnt and you make changes. It probably was a bad idea to release it on steam before the game even had a UI or any type of tutorial. All it did was bring new people into the game who saw an ugly undeveloped game with a steep learning curve and no instructions and they uninstalled never to be seen again. Steam is the populous. You dont let the populous play your game until atleast beta. Also Pre-steam release everyone was basically okay with combat. So in my opinion the devs should have moved to working on other things and left the minor combat tweaking that has been going on for the past few months until later. Combat is workable so what do we develop now? Early access: UI Nation Selection mechanics basic loot system Tutorial Missions Standard Player missions basic PVP mechanics Expand EA Expanded EA: Resource Distribution (Complex)(Must be done this early and in depth to make RvR or anything the player does meaningful. Economy is based on it) Basic Economy Player Crafting basics In depth economy and crafting Add a very few ships Quick review of combat Setting up an Admiralty more in depth loot system Group Missions Land in battles Port conquest mechanics Review combat mechanics Alternate mission types (Exploration, PVP missions, crafting missions.) Changing Nation Mechanics add a few ships review combat review port conquest mechanics review UI (Add polish ) Expand playerbase for Early Access Final EA period: Diplomacy options RvR mechanics Victory Mechanics (The map needs a conquest period with a determined victory and map reset. Stops the steam roll of smaller nations) Review Economy mechanics Release a few boats review combat review conquest Monitor and review an entire conquest period (Identify problem areas) Make any major changes if needed limited Release Beta on Steam Limited Beta: Player built port upgrades (Economy / RVR) Crew / Officer mechanics add a few ships Review Combat mechanics review RVR mechanics Review economy mechanics review diplomacy Quality of life improvements (Birds, graphics ,etc.) Monitor entire conquest period (Address any glaring issues.) Minor marketing campaign (Mailers, etc.) Expand Beta to all on Steam to stress test server infrastructure Expanded beta: Monitor Server stability for 2 weeks Introduce optional subscription model Enhanced loot system Ship Flag / Sail customization (At Least color select) Port Governance Stock Market and banking add a few ships Review combat Review Port Conquest Greater Marketing Campagin (Adds on gaming sites, etc.) Release game Post Game Release: Monitor server infrastructure Major Ad Campaign (TV Spot) Add a large ship pack Review Combat in Depth Review Conquest in Depth Review Economy in Depth Review Diplomacy in Depth Deeper theater immersion mechanics (port generated culture, port unrest, *Gasp* religion .) PVP Tournaments Expanded Customization Premium Ship Customization And so on
  6. No idea how many days. I would just work on it when i had free time at work. Started when i first started playing and had grand ideas about the potential of this game. I have posted some other extensive ideas as well. I was working on a very in depth change to make pirates more piratey, which i never finished because the devs have paid little if any attention to any of the other posts so why waste my time. I'm particularly proud of the new map i made which i think is highly needed. Redistributes resources and reduces the number of regional capitals and free ports to make regional capitals actually regional and free ports a hub for trade between nations. You can download the map here > https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9mOinkVxfkQZ1B1Q1dVUWlSZEE/view
  7. section 10> http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/12710-the-road-map-section-9-10/ section 12 >http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/12716-the-road-map-sections-11-12/ Section 13 > http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/12747-the-road-map-sections-13-14/ all of it > http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/13796-resource-distribution-the-economy-and-giving-players-a-reason-to-sail/
  8. Babble

    Officer perks - heavy moderation!

    Babble PVP 1 Did this a long time ago in section 11 c > http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/12716-the-road-map-sections-11-12/ In short: Carpenter: Repairs greater % of hull when repair is used in battle: (1%, 2%,3%,4%,5%) SailMaker: Repairs greater % of sails when repair used in battle: (0.5%,1%,2%,3%,4%) Coxswain: Gives a location radius on open sea map: (50 min radius, 40 minute,30 minute, 20 min, 10 min) Chaplin: Gives boost to moral in boarding combat: (blah blah) Gunnery Officer: Increase the reload rate for all guns (0.5%, 1%,2%,3%,4%) Sailing Master: Increase rate at which sails go up and down and manual sail turning: (0.5%, 1.0%,2%,3%,4%,5%) Surgeon: Recover a Percentage of your lost crew after a battle: (5%,10%,15%,20%,25%) Purser: Gain a larger percentage of gold from wining battles (1%,3%,5%,9%,15%) Master Smuggler (Increased OS stealth or lower detection distance.)
  9. Please see section 8 http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/12696-the-road-map-table-of-contents/?hl=roadmap
  10. Babble

    Paint it black

    Correct me if I'm wrong Steel but i believe the part of your suggestion about the "masks" was one of mine suggested in the roadmap in section 7 here >http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/12696-the-road-map-table-of-contents/?hl=roadmap I also suggested to completely eliminate the pirate faction here >http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/14245-pirate-mechanics-suggestions-collection-thread/ and instead make them a profession. As it were often a pirate was only considered a pirate by the nation to whom it was committing acts of piracy. I believe both of the ideas could be easily combine. In this fashion you cannot select pirate as a starting faction and are not a faction at all. Simply a handful of bonuses that reflect and assist a persons chosen play-style. Because of this there is no need for Pirate ports. They simply can operate out of whatever ports are owned by nations that dont consider them a pirate. Both systems could most certainly be fleshed out more and i would be happy to do so if it is something that would at least even be reviewed by the dev teams. I have spent hours compiling lists of well thought out suggestions down to the required mats for crafting items and have received very little if any response for the effort so i have deemed it not worth my time. If a fully fleshed out solution for the pirate problem is sought I will happily comply, given I am told that it will at least be read by yourself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That said and despite how serious the pirate problem is i have always been a fan of building from the foundation up. I think first and for most the map port and resource distribution needs to be reworked like this> Map download linked here. https://drive.google...Z1B1Q1dVUWlSZEE And these changes need to happen shortly there after > http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/13796-resource-distribution-the-economy-and-giving-players-a-reason-to-sail/ Particularly the economy, banking, and sailing speed changes.
  11. Babble

    Pirate Mechanics suggestions collection thread

    Well they already implemented pirates half-assed and look how far it has gone. If they are going to change the way they work they should do it right. Doing it right requires a dramatic change. If they are going to change them at all they should do it right. No point in making minor changes that dont do anything to really flesh out pirates and letting people get used to those before changing it again. Just my opinion.
  12. Babble

    Pirate Mechanics suggestions collection thread

    In short a rep system, each player maintains with each individual nation. No pirate "faction". Instead pirate players. And privateer players. And freetraders. And smugglers. And Naval Officers Not a career just a title you earn that comes with some minor benefits. Can be tied to Diplomacy changes once allies and war make an appearance by increasing or decreasing rep gains in relation to allied and at war nations. 3 rep bars each player maintains with each faction. Rep starts at zero and moves up or down depending on actions Some very rough examples from the perspective of a US player. US is allied with France and at War with Espana: Benefits from your choices: Could be drastically expanded. But the idea is simple. No pirate faction. Instead pirate professions.
  13. Babble

    Hotfix 9.81 Patch notes

    Looks good to me. Now if we could turn port battles into a multi-time zone event you might actually get more then 10% of your player base attending them and make RvR much more interesting. See my post here for a suggestion > http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/13606-war-and-port-battles-rework-moderated/page-4
  14. Babble

    Dear Pirate Overlords.....a suggestion

    I openly attacked dons running missions outside of havana for days during early steam release. Just like I openly attack pirates running missions or transporting goods outside their capital. And openly attack brits outside theirs. and openly attack brits and dons down by tumbado. If it didnt take 9 hours to sail Id prob be camping the frogs, swedes, and such on the other side of the world. This is a pvp game. I pvp. Until there are some sort of in game mechanics preventing me from attacking another player I will attack whomever I deem is advantageous to me at the current time. Its not as though hundreds of players across all the time zones got together and agreed that they were going to camp the dons or rats into submission. The way the port battle flag mechanics work limits the number of players who can actually attend or even give two shits about the port battles anyway. 90% of all battles happen when the vast majority of Americans are at sleep or working. The whole Council vs Sorry shit is just propaganda bs. Divide and conquer. Sun Tzu gave them a hand book over 2000 years ago. Just relax. Play the game for fun. Get out there in some poop boats with your friends and pvp for fun. RVR is completely pointless and non-inclusive currently anyway. No idea why anyone is stressing it.