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  1. Excellent news. Though I would have settled for just different ways to acquire them, but still, at least everyone will be on a level playing field.
  2. I think most of us can agree that the luck based Blueprint drops aren't really benefiting the game. Up until recently it went fairly unnoticed as the ships most people wanted were the default ones crafter's unlocked through pure levelling. As we get more and more players wanting ships above the Frigate now, the problem is becoming more and more evident. The sheer number of TrĂ­ncomalee requests now are clear evidence that a bottleneck is forming. And it will only get worse as the average player gets higher and higher in their rank. This beautiful game has 24 craftable ships, a mere 8 of which are available to everyone. That's one third. The devs should be encouraging the use of a variety of ships by the player base, not making it as difficult as possible for people to acquire them(the XP barriers do that well enough). It also does horrid things to the costs of the rare ships, as the few who have got the blueprints can effectively charge a lot more than they are worth due to lack of competition. There are probably a lot of different ways this current blueprint system could be changed. My personal suggestions would either be the ability to craft the rare ship blueprints with Crafting Notes. Maybe 10-15 for the lower level blueprints, all the way up to 100+ for the 1st Rates. Yes this would cause Gold to increase in value, but at least there would be an obtainable goal crafter's could work towards. Or perhaps use the breaking down of said ship to award a "scrap" of a blueprint. 10 Scraps unlocks it to craft, maybe more scraps for higher rate ships. Again, it might not be the most elegant system, but at least you give players an obtainable goal, not this luck based rubbish we have now. The current system favourers very few people, and over all hurts the diversity of ships in the game.
  3. Could you elaborate? Are you dropping how many are made per BP, and if so, to what number?
  4. It might not be the most realistic gameplay, but why not have something like Eve's Reinforced Mode (it's been a while, but I think that's what it's called). Maybe when the Conquest Flag is purchased, it can only be used after a 24hr period. So at least everyone will have one day to prepare. You'd definitely get more true fights between players, rather than the ghost capping we have now. Also, only have the flag active for a few hours, so you can't purchase a flag a week in advance and save it.
  5. You know the Iron has also doubled in price right? Also, Gold hasn't been changed, so the rarity of ships made will not be effected by this.
  6. Yes you can, you just temporarily join the opposing side. I think the real concern is enemies joining your mission, with the enemy AI, but no-one from your own faction can then join you to help. Once the enemy player has beaten or chased you off, he then has a nice window of escape. 30 seconds of invisibility and they can almost be out of sight should anyone be waiting outside to catch them. It should be all players can enter missions, or no players. Not just enemy.
  7. Sounds like a good patch all round. The crafting tweaks especially, just wish I'd kept my ore as ore, and not smelted it all... damn
  8. Banning for bad game behaviour (not actual bad behaviour (swearing/harrassing), that should be bannable) should really be the last tool to be used to correct an issue. It is the very last defence of game rules. Allowing players to choose whether or not to leave there battle instance open should be the first thing to try and correct this problem. If that somehow doesn't work, and all other methods fail, bring out the Ban-Hammer. It should not be the go-to response if something doesn't quite work as intended. Hopefully, this being a temporary fix, a better one is being worked on as we speak.
  9. I'd like to point out that I didn't say I wanted this. But if people want to limit numbers like they do, then its only logical to limit BR. As you said, where does the complaining stop? I've not experienced the problems reported as I've not seen a fight bigger than 50 players yet. I was just playing the Devil's Advocate. Edit: I happen to agree with you, the very nature of PvP is ganking or getting ganked, but that one fight that's almost equal, they are the ones you remember.
  10. Well, I think if we want fair-ish battles, the Battle Rating should play a part too. It would be equally disappointing having 25 B-Cutters vs 25 3rd Rates, especially if you had better ships wanting to enter.
  11. I've got to say, banning is a step in the wrong direction. Have a 3 strikes system or something, but not an outright ban if they capture one ship. There is too much room for abuse of the system, unless the devs can re-watch the battle and decide who was in the right, but that could get very time consuming. If someone is repeatedly stealing other people's capture targets, then fine, ban them, but everyone should have more than one chance.
  12. There should be a counter upgrade to the 'Boarding Axes', one that increases disengage time by 1 round, and maybe more at high quality. 'More Grapples' maybe? The penalty could be slow rigging speeds or something.
  13. I'd also like to know how quickly things are consumed. It says per day, now is that per 24hrs real time (every maintenance), or every in-game 24hrs? Because if it is real time, no wonder every consumed resource is over-saturated. And it would also explain why most things that are produced are usually out of stock, or incredibly low. Also, they definitely need to have a market UI like Eve. Where you can see how many of an item are being sold for a certain price, and how many are on a buy order at a certain price. There are too many orders where the price is very high or low, but only a handful of items are at that mark.
  14. I was wrong, leave missions open for anyone to join, it's so much more dynamic. Maybe a notification, but without it, it does mean you have to keep an eye around you, which is much more interesting.
  15. But still the problem is most people want both PvP and PvE, you can't get that in the PvE server. It's 90% of the player base because they want that option. I wouldn't mind getting ganked once in a while, because sooner or later you become the ganker instead. For me it's the lack of awareness around your mission instance in the OW. What you proposed about having a warning before a player joins is a great idea. To refine it slightly, have it where the joiner(player-A) can choose whether to help or oppose the player-B inside. Once he decides, player-B inside the combat then gets either "Do you accept help from 'player-A'?" or "'player-A' is joining combat in 30 seconds, make ready!". At least then random people could help each other, and the guy inside the mission will at least know someone(possibly an enemy) is entering and make preparations accordingly. That's quite an interesting way of doing it, and I'm not sure what I think of it. I guess it means you can at least level up from the rookie ships in comfort and safety, then if you want an element of PvP you can switch over, but you'll have to earn your next ships from scratch. Sounds good on paper, but I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see for myself. Damn, I cannot wait any longer....
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