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    Yeah of course i understand a server is hardware limited and it's set to perform a little lower to his maximum to ensure stability. What i meant was dividing the available hardware of the company into the players per server, so the EU pvp server that is always with 125% percent of the maximum number of players have more hardware than the US PVP server that has an average of 75% players. Just an idea. Thanks for reading my comment.
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    Copy Server

    While i agree two servers with the same data is not a good idea, we all must agree that a fix for the average of 1 hour waiting queues for the EU server must be top 1 on the to fix list. Not normal at all that i spend half of the time i have to play waiting to enter the server. What i wonder is, why having a US server if all the americans clans have already said they play in the EU server to play against the Europeans? The US server is always as much at half capacity. Having two exact servers doesn't make much sense imo when 70-80% of the players play just in the EU one. The american
  3. Good to hear that. It should be top priority, because not just the 1 hour queue times, but the overload is bringing a lot of bugs and other problems that i've never seen until the Steam release. I've been with a guy that lost today two Cerberus because of bugs on missions that were kicking him from battle and his ships dissapearing with the EU server full. Bugs are already reported. Servers are overloaded, that's a fact. I've never seen the bugs i am seeing since the Steam release. Been with a guy that lost two Cerberus today. He was being randomly kicked on mission start, and his sh
  4. Since the Steam release almost every time i want to join the EU server i have a queue time of 15-20 minutes, not counting the 1 hour queue i had this morning after the maintenance. Knowing the sale rate of the standalone alpha i would say it would have been easy to predict this with enough time. The fact that Steam sales are closed 2 days before the release describes pretty well the situation. I hope there is a solution for this in the short term, because this is not normal at all. Even being an alpha, having to close the Steam sales 2 days after the release means there's a big issue i
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