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  1. Thanks! - Thought I had posted this earlier...
  2. Not sure where to look - put that in and nothing came up Saw a video of the game in action and realized I am missing a lot of things because I can't find and read a manual - about to give up - it would be nice if the game had a manual.
  3. Just got the newest update - and still can't get to the guide - is there a hard copy somewhere I can look at?
  4. Having a lot of fun playing (had Gettysburg - so had a little familiarity) - but could really use the in-game guide In the meantime any suggestion for alternatives? Thanks
  5. I tried it out on two Macs I have - using game version 1.06 - is there a way to submit a potential bug?
  6. That doesn't show up - it just makes a click sound...
  7. When I click on the question mark it makes a sound but nothing happens...
  8. What does this do - when I click on it there is a sound but nothing happens...
  9. This is now available through the Mac store - and just purchased - Thanks!
  10. Will purchase as soon as available on Mac store - how I purchased Gettysburg... Any sense of time frame? Thanks for the update
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