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  1. The most DIABOLICAL exploit of all. One so treacherous, its legal!
  2. For his perceived flaws, Big Valco at least doesnt spell community as "cummunity".
  3. I agree with you gentlemen. The OP wasnt meant to be in any way gloating, nor defamatory to either side. It was just a more cynical look at the events and immediate after given current systems in place
  4. 'Come attack Islet' ~ Ian King, a few hours before a Pirate swarm attacked Islet. The first loss of a British settlement to Pirates.
  5. Either way, thank you for taking care of the situation Admin!
  6. The War On Christmas came to a grisly and hard-fought close today, as the British port of Saint Nicolas fell to Pirates who took advantage of the BR system to stack ships undercrewed, continuing the ongoing tradition of port battles being unfun for either side. Analyst sources suggest that this tactic may reel its head again in the future performed by attacking British forces, where the Pirates will then decry it as foul and "Gaming the system". The fall of Saint Nicolas represents the loss of a valuable iron-producing port which was almost immediately put to use by the new occupie
  7. I for one would absolutely play as an Aztec Ghost
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