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  1. 2 hours ago, Archaos said:

    I think the main reason Nassau PZ is so successful is that there are many nations with ports close by so access is easier. It also helps that the class of vessels that can be used is restricted. The 6th and 7th rates are cheap to replace and usually readily available even from NPC sellers.

    For many of the other zones if your nation does not have a port close by you end up having to sail from the neutral port close by, you require bigger ships which are not as easily replaced so most times if you do go out you go out in 1 ship and if you lose that then thats it for the day. There are not enough outpost slots to have outposts at all the neutral ports close to the PZ's as well as be active in RvR and production.

    To improve attendance at other PZ's you would have to ease access to the area by maybe allowing free unlimited tows to the neutral port on the day of the zone, increase the generation of repairs, rum and cannons so people could equip their ships and have the NPC sell more ships of the required class in the area that day.

    Shroud has ai repairs so that helps


  2. 1 hour ago, Molder169 said:

    So i was moving up to this boat to loot it after it had sunk. I just barely touched it and suddenly my ship got tossed to the right, flipped on its port side and then proceeded to capsize. I have never before seen this bug. It is a major one. It was F11 reported.

    As you can see i have nearly full structure and no leaks.

    I sincerely hope the devs/ @admin see fit to give me my purple santisma and the poods back. I could care less about the upgrades. That was my RNG baby :(


    if only you were streaming, always fun to see ships flip

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  3. 6 minutes ago, PG Monkey said:

    New players wont need dlc to change nation.they have nothing to lose and can just delete their character and start again :)

    Asking new players to delete and start from 0 is pretty poor imo, maybe give new accounts free nation changes for a month. Also new players should all start with their nation capital and shroud cay.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Preechur Blackheart said:

    Here's an easy way to increase PvP: some of you elites come on over and join the US for a while. You will a) help the US remnant learn better tactics as we sail with you and 2) you will be able to fight other elites who continue to farm the coast. 

    If, as seems to be the perception, the US is the Junior Varsity compared to ya'll, don't complain that we choose not to match up to you in battle. Come help us. It is not our job to give you content.

    we have tried to do that three times already some just dont want to learn

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  5. 7 minutes ago, Velhelm Von Marrius said:

    Find it funny that it is now an issue that requires you to make multiple posts concerning it quickly after that said incident. I do agree though the reinforcement zones need to be changed and will be changed from the sounds of what is going on in development. Unfortunately, not what Christendom suggested which was the best way to do such zones I heard so far on the forums. @Christendom if you still have the link to the post where you presented your "reinforcement" zone concept please do link it again. Definitely deserves a second look and should be considered. 

    No. I like my shallows. Before it was used just for players to earn a quick buck and fast. Was making around 40mil a day with a single trade brig in the kiddie pool before they changed it for the better. Not to mention new players hardly went there. Most felt cut off when they were there and many just went down to the main ports in the big kids pool anyways after a few hours. It was pointless and just took away from the RvR ever so slightly, not to mention made many of the 6th and 7th rates pointless to use. 

    i think each post serves its purpose, one in the off topic kinda shaming lionshaft and the other a sugestion. more fun to make posts while sailing hours looking for ghost ships.

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  6. 2 minutes ago, van der Decken said:

    Isn't the map large enough to hunt elsewhere? Or is the US newb zone the only place you like to hunt?
    If the arguments are that capitals zones are too large, too op, too whatever, should only be for newbs, should restrict blahblah, then why is are veteran captains trying to hunt there? It's not like there aren't other places with other nations on the map.

    cd81c84f2443b3e7246b78f80754e061.pngand I have seen at least 20 players in the usa R zone.  It def is one of those problems we may not have if we had 500 online

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  7. 1 minute ago, van der Decken said:

    That's an interesting suggestion. You could liken it to a salvaged ship...maybe it would have 1 less upgrade or knowledge slot.

    or just dropped perm mod off. there are many ways other games have handled different levels of PvP full loot. green yellow red and black zones from albion are a solid comparison.

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  8. 4 minutes ago, van der Decken said:

    Meh...I'm certain there are a bunch of other players anywhere else on the map that you could've engaged, instead someone near their capital zone. I think there are what...7 nations now? :)

    this is literary under 20s outside of our port of st marys, not exactly near the capital plus with 120-130 online and have seen more than 20-30 players in the usa R zone. slim pickings elsewhere

  9. I suggest safe zones should not allow anyone above a certain rank to call reinforcements.  maybe flag captain (650 crew) or commodore (1k crew) anyone at these ranks should not require protecting by AI. Keep the safe zone ROE allowing an open reinforcement by players of their nation but not AI



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  10. Was out cruising around before this in a heavy ship, and noticed this guy ( i had guessed it was lionshaft) so i hop in St marys go out in a requin to expose this silliness. Safe zone baiting at its best. Sit on the edge of the line, get tagged and inch a couple feet into the R zone to abuse a mechanic that SHOULD be in place to help new players. enjoy



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  11. 47 minutes ago, Draymoor said:

    My advice. Join a clan and have them help you understand the basics of the game before complaining that it's bad/it sucks. From what you've posted here it seems like you have no clue of what you're doing or how to progress, easiest way of learning how to do most things is learning from someone with experience. It is true the game doesn't offer much guidance to a new player but at least for me personally, I like that about it. Too many games hold your hand far too much. 

    You are right in saying that some things you can do in the game aren't very rewarding. But there are other things you could be doing that are, that's where joining a clan would help. 

    ofc that is the best option but most games have a way of easing new players in and teaching them. This game has ALWAYS relied on the community to teach new players and its not the best way to retain new players clearly.

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  12. 10 minutes ago, Wraith said:

    This shouldn't be in place on either server. It's stupid and actually reduces PvP because of the fear of the unknown. Reinstate OW communication and in-game names on both servers.

    i think many would be surprised at how fun it is to talk to your soon to be combatant and ask would you care to fight or not. red =/= dead always

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