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  1. I'm not making fun of you, just mentioned the tactic (which I use now thanks to your teachings)
  2. How about double or triple gold gained from killing ships during this time, it's pathetic how little gold you get for sinking a first rate
  3. Well to be fair you destoy reps as a oshit speed boost lol
  4. Yup park alts all over at the good ports, time to get some more copper
  5. Why not just a premium account payed monthly give u xp and gold bonus *eyeroll*
  6. But it makes no sense if you are say, sitting on the join battle circles waiting for a timer just to get tagged and split up. Also in reinforcement zone you don't pull others into a battle with you so you can split up a group with separate tags.
  7. Coraline Vodka


    Console only trash
  8. Rename old coni model Navy frigate
  9. We need LV back
  10. Or just remove the cool down on tagging
  11. The EU trader is MAX price all the base resources can be. You till have to move resources port to port lol
  12. No, let them focus on the game and the community runs voice coms
  13. @no oneonecause gameplay 120 crew indiman would be trash
  14. Also this is more of a tavern thread not news lol
  15. Did you get sunk or boarded by an indiaman before making this thread? I'm pretty sure most are fine with indiaman at 380 crew
  16. and yet those countries havent walked on the moon soooooooo?
  17. we use the date system of countries that have walked on the moon.
  18. not sure what youre on about but good luck m8 RUM all around
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