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  1. So what if you capture an ai ship, then sink it? Will it be about the same as if you sold the ship to ai in port?
  2. Could probably setup sandboxie to accomplish this
  3. Coraline Vodka

    PvP Heat Map

    And overall very mature for being 15
  4. Coraline Vodka

    [ONION] Onion Knights (SWE Caribbean)

    Sweden huh gl to you!
  5. Coraline Vodka

    PvP Heat Map

    You know rab sails with koc?
  6. Coraline Vodka

    Tow to Port

    😧 with the 5 min timer it seems pretty good failsafe for lost sailors
  7. Coraline Vodka

    Loot timer on sinking ships

    They have increased the timer
  8. Coraline Vodka

    All items were removed from the Clan Warehouse

    Bring back outlway mechanics bummer about your clan warehouse, is a serious issue that officers can promote, should be diplos and clan leader only
  9. Coraline Vodka

    New Boarding patch

    The main rumor I hear is they can't change the frequency of the redeemables but it's all rumors.
  10. Coraline Vodka

    New Boarding patch

    They can and have changed stats already
  11. Coraline Vodka

    New Boarding patch

    Easy way to shoot huggers is use mods that increase ship heel and get themon the Lee side of your ship
  12. Coraline Vodka

    The problem of leaving battle

    If that was the case we would use alts to transport items safe in battle
  13. Hammocks got changed for all ships not just your precious
  14. Coraline Vodka

    New Boarding patch

    you 390 c rew pirate frigate, whats its crew now after the hammocks nerf?
  15. Coraline Vodka

    New Boarding patch

    revert all the hamocks changes and just deny requin from having any hammocks
  16. Discuss Edit added 4th question
  17. Coraline Vodka

    Additional Buffs to Battle Sails

    I'd really just prefer battle sails require fewer crew to man
  18. Coraline Vodka

    Little Cayman will open its docks to the public

    There will always be time zone deniers and criers
  19. Coraline Vodka

    Wipe on release, 3-4 months?

    They are very strong mods but if they reballance comes they may be less so who knows
  20. You can't get rage boarded if you're using a Max crewed requin 🤔
  21. Just rename it heavy frigate
  22. Coraline Vodka

    Griefing After PB is Over and Won

    It was a rock and hard place situation, one requin left in battle hunting down our damaged and low crew ships during battle over. If they left the battle the port is still closed and the 10 ish guys outside waiting to gang bang them.