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  1. goto any daily pvp event and you can get easy 600 or with a bit mroe time 2k, the cost to move between outposts is cheap. plus they gave everyone 2k of them so at max rank u can move 200 times
  2. I had 18 of them in port and after patch I have 2. was I credited back the price i payed for them ?
  3. the credited dubloons are from the old pvp marks. we estimate they should be multiplied by 30-40 timers to make pvp rewards worth it.
  4. We have been asking for this for awhile. Sure would be nice
  5. Problem is you can't place sell contracts in enemy ports. And limit of 10 contracts. But Imo every regional capital should produce ai reps. Would be a reason to capture
  6. Indeed but encouraging players out on the waters to hunt ai traders is great
  7. PSA to all those upset by this latest patch
  8. i will try that, i didnt wait as long as 30s. still a bug tho. waited 2 minutes on this next one, nothing, sank it waited another 1 minutes nothing
  9. As long as you warn them yes, dunno where the thread was but it has been said
  10. How it feels teleporting between outposts. How it feels after finding 1800 dubloons on an ai LGV
  11. guess someone else got to this one first? or perhaps is this bad design?
  12. I'm not making fun of you, just mentioned the tactic (which I use now thanks to your teachings)
  13. How about double or triple gold gained from killing ships during this time, it's pathetic how little gold you get for sinking a first rate
  14. Well to be fair you destoy reps as a oshit speed boost lol
  15. Yup park alts all over at the good ports, time to get some more copper
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