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  1. reading comprehension, shallows we had to kill the towers for a good brawl and we again regret capping circles to allow for more brawl. an ow fight =/= a PB when it comes to tactics ps we saw 10+ players at cton far out gunning our 5 man frigate fleet. dont tell me there arent players.
  2. How about the owner of a port could get a request/challenge for a port battle from another nation/clan and just agree to a time for a PB. this would avoid the tedious grinding of a port and encourage more fun PBs between agreeing parties. edit And as an addition these agreed battles DO NOT provide a cool down for hostility a normal battle would to avoid people just agreeing to battles and using it to block a port. Also hostility can still be raised to set a PB which would override the agreed battle.
  3. why would US not want to fight more of these? you had several of our guys on the ropes, (willis was dead) and they are good fun in cheap ships. your fleet held a good formation and tbh better than ours so if not for circles and forts you may have turned the brawl.
  4. please suggest another group of players to attack in the shallows at US prime time. over all was a good figth and the port will be opened to allow all buisness to continue. every one in this battle would enjoy more fights like these. altho hopefully at ports where we dont have to fight under two forts. PS forts give 225 and we didnt want to kill them but the brawl zone was surrounded by them.
  5. Timers are fair for all sorry you didn't time something right
  6. It still would be a nice option to have a way to payoff in battle
  7. Remember when we could have line ship battles? via Imgflip Meme Generator
  8. Join timer is 2 min now and reinforcements doubled it seems
  9. You know all capitals sell ai produced repairs right ? And some freetowns
  10. I've said this since steam release. No should be fun ways to scrimmage with any group of players in our tiny world without risking ships mods etc. The tournament was a good example
  11. Getting 20k dmg for 2k dubs is pretty easy and cheap with store bought ships
  12. If they have the same symbol I'd guess no, and I doubt he wants all on the same ship xD
  13. use lotion ;). And +1 to rubbing dmg even if it's marginal
  14. Admin said 2d art is coming as an option
  15. Proble. Is no witnesses. Use an alt to tag friendly ai fleet then just FF them all to death and loot
  16. I think that would require rl friends maybe add dlc option?
  17. I would guess this is low priority, unless some players want to record all the sound for them
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